Robust Extraction and Simplification of 2D Symmetric Tensor Field Topology (Unknown language)

In: Computer Graphics Forum   ;  38 ,  3  ;  337-349  ;  2019
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In this work, we propose a controlled simplification strategy for degenerated points in symmetric 2D tensor fields that is based on the topological notion of robustness. Robustness measures the structural stability of the degenerate points with respect to variation in the underlying field. We consider an entire pipeline for generating a hierarchical set of degenerate points based on their robustness values. Such a pipeline includes the following steps: the stable extraction and classification of degenerate points using an edge labeling algorithm, the computation and assignment of robustness values to the degenerate points, and the construction of a simplification hierarchy. We also discuss the challenges that arise from the discretization and interpolation of real world data.