SHREC'13 Track: Retrieval of Objects Captured with Low-Cost Depth-Sensing Cameras (English)

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The SHREC'13 Track: Retrieval of Objects Captured with Low-Cost Depth-Sensing Cameras is a first attempt at evaluating the effectiveness of 3D shape retrieval algorithms in low fidelity model databases, such as the ones captured with commodity depth cameras. Both target and query set are composed by objects captured with a Kinect camera and the objective is to retrieve the models in the target set who were considered relevant by a human-generated ground truth. Given how widespread such devices are, and how easy it is becoming for an everyday user to capture models in his household, the necessity of algorithms for these new types of 3D models is also increasing. Three groups have participated in the contest, providing rank lists for the set of queries, which is composed of 12 models from the target set.

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SHREC'13 Track: Large Scale Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval
Li, B. / Lu, Y. / Godil, A. / Schreck, T. / Aono, M. / Johan, H. / Saavedra, J. M. / Tashiro, S. | 2013
Automatic Shape Expansion with Verification to Improve 3D Retrieval, Classification and Matching
Knopp, Jan / Prasad, Mukta / Gool, Luc Van | 2013
3D-Model Retrieval Using Bag-of-Features Based on Closed Curves
Khoury, Rachid El / Vandeborre, Jean-Philippe / Daoudi, Mohamed | 2013
Local Signature Quantization by Sparse Coding
Boscaini, Davide / Castellani, Umberto | 2013
3D Human Video Retrieval: from Pose to Motion Matching
Slama, Rim / Wannous, Hazem / Daoudi, Mohamed | 2013
Features Accumulation on a Multiple View Oriented Model for People Re-Identification
García, Jorge / Kambhamettu, C. / Gardel, A. / Bravo, I. / Lázaro, J. L. | 2013
SHREC'13 Track: Retrieval on Textured 3D Models
Cerri, A. / Biasotti, S. / Abdelrahman, M. / Angulo, J. / Berger, K. / Chevallier, L. / El-Melegy, M. / Farag, A. / Lefebvre, F. / Giachetti, A. et al. | 2013
Learning Kernels on Extended Reeb Graphs for 3D Shape Classification and Retrieval
Barra, Vincent / Biasotti, Silvia | 2013
Compact Vectors of Locally Aggregated Tensors for 3D Shape Retrieval
Tabia, Hedi / Picard, David / Laga, Hamid / Gosselin, Philippe-Henri | 2013
SHREC'13 Track: Retrieval of Objects Captured with Low-Cost Depth-Sensing Cameras
Machado, J. / Ferreira, A. / Pascoal, P. B. / Abdelrahman, M. / Aono, M. / El-Melegy, M. / Farag, A. / Johan, H. / Li, B. / Lu, Y. et al. | 2013
Geometric Histograms of 3D Keypoints for Face Identification with Missing Parts
Berretti, Stefano / Werghi, Naoufel / Bimbo, Alberto del / Pala, Pietro | 2013
SHREC'13 Track: Large-Scale Partial Shape Retrieval Using Simulated Range Images
Sipiran, I. / Meruane, R. / Bustos, B. / Schreck, T. / Johan, H. / Li, B. / Lu, Y. | 2013
Charge Density-Based 3D Model Retrieval Using Bag-of-Feature
Alizadeh, Fattah / Sutherland, Alistair | 2013
Sketch-Based 3D Model Retrieval by Viewpoint Entropy-Based Adaptive View Clustering
Li, Bo / Lu, Yijuan / Johan, Henry | 2013
SymPan: 3D Model Pose Normalization via Panoramic Views and Reflective Symmetry
Sfikas, Konstantinos / Pratikakis, Ioannis / Theoharis, Theoharis | 2013