2D Image-Based 3D Scene Retrieval (Unknown language)

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2D scene image-based 3D scene retrieval is a new research topic in the field of 3D object retrieval. Given a 2D scene image, it is to search for relevant 3D scenes from a dataset. It has an intuitive and convenient framework which allows users to learn, search, and utilize the retrieved results for vast related applications, such as automatic 3D content generation for 3D movie, game and animation production, robotic vision, and consumer electronics apps development, and autonomous vehicles. To advance this promising research, we organize this SHREC track and build the first 2D scene image-based 3D scene retrieval benchmark by collecting 2D images from ImageNet and 3D scenes from Google 3D Warehouse. The benchmark contains uniformly classified 10,000 2D scene images and 1,000 3D scene models of ten (10) categories. In this track, seven (7) groups from five countries (China, Chile, USA, UK, and Vietnam) have registered for the track, while due to many challenges involved, only three (3) groups have successfully submitted ten (10) runs of five methods. To have a comprehensive comparison, seven (7) commonly-used retrieval performance metrics have been used to evaluate their retrieval performance. We also suggest several future research directions for this research topic. We wish this publicly available [ARYLL18] benchmark, comparative evaluation results and corresponding evaluation code, will further enrich and boost the research of 2D scene image-based 3D scene retrieval and its applications.

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Edge-based LBP Description of Surfaces with Colorimetric Patterns
Thompson, Elia Moscoso / Biasotti, Silvia | 2018
Microshapes: Efficient Querying of 3D Object Collections based on Local Shape
Blokland, Bart Iver van / Theoharis, Theoharis | 2018
Automatic Extraction of Complex 3D Structures Application to the Inner Ear Segmentation from Cone Beam CT Digital Volumes
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Geodesic-based 3D Shape Retrieval Using Sparse Autoencoders
Luciano, Lorenzo / Hamza, Abdessamad Ben | 2018
2D Scene Sketch-Based 3D Scene Retrieval
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2D Image-Based 3D Scene Retrieval
Abdul-Rashid, Hameed / Yuan, Juefei / Li, Bo / Lu, Yijuan / Bai, Song / Bai, Xiang / Bui, Ngoc-Minh / Do, Minh N. / Do, Trong-Le / Duong, Anh-Duc et al. | 2018
RGB-D Object-to-CAD Retrieval
Pham, Quang-Hieu / Tran, Minh-Khoi / Li, Wenhui / Xiang, Shu / Zhou, Heyu / Nie, Weizhi / Liu, Anan / Su, Yuting / Tran, Minh-Triet / Bui, Ngoc-Minh et al. | 2018
Protein Shape Retrieval
Langenfeld, Florent / Axenopoulos, Apostolos / Chatzitofis, Anargyros / Craciun, Daniela / Daras, Petros / Du, Bowen / Giachetti, Andrea / Lai, Yu-kun / Li, Haisheng / Li, Yingbin et al. | 2018
Retrieval of Gray Patterns Depicted on 3D Models
Moscoso Thompson, E. / Tortorici, C. / Werghi, N. / Berretti, S. / Velasco-Forero, S. / Biasotti, S. | 2018
Recognition of Geometric Patterns Over 3D Models
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Non-rigid 3D Model Classification Using 3D Hahn Moment Convolutional Neural Networks
Mesbah, Abderrahim / Berrahou, Aissam / Hammouchi, Hicham / Berbia, Hassan / Qjidaa, Hassan / Daoudi, Mohamed | 2018
Completion of Cultural Heritage Objects with Rotational Symmetry
Sipiran, Ivan | 2018
Person Re-Identification from Depth Cameras using Skeleton and 3D Face Data
Pala, Pietro / Seidenari, Lorenzo / Berretti, Stefano / Bimbo, Alberto Del | 2018
Experimental Similarity Assessment for a Collection of Fragmented Artifacts
Biasotti, Silvia / Thompson, Elia Moscoso / Spagnuolo, Michela | 2018
Performing Image-like Convolution on Triangular Meshes
Tortorici, Claudio / Werghi, Naoufel / Berretti, Stefano | 2018