Interactive Virtual Relighting and Remodeling of Real Scenes (English)

In: Eurographics Workshop on Rendering   ;  329-340  ;  1999

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Lighting design is often tedious due to the required physical manipulation of real light sources and objects. As an alternative, we present an interactive system to virtually modify the lighting and geometry of scenes with both real and synthetic objects, including mixed real/virtual lighting and shadows. In our method, real scene geometry is first approximately reconstructed from photographs. Additional images are taken from a single viewpoint with a real light in different positions to estimate reflectance. A filtering process is used to compensate for inaccuracies, and per image reflectances are averaged to generate an approximate reflectance image for the given viewpoint, removing shadows in the process. This estimate is used to initialise a global illumination hierarchical radiosity system, representing real-world secondary illumination; the system is optimized for interactive updates. Direct illumination from lights is calculated separately using ray-casting and a table for efficient reuse of data where appropriate. Our system allows interactive modification of light emission and object positions, all with mixed real/virtual illumination effects. Real objects can also be virtually removed using texture-filling algorithms for reflectance estimation.

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