Towards Diverse Anime Face Generation: Active Label Completion and Style Feature Network (Unknown language)

In: Eurographics 2019 - Short Papers   ;  65-68  ;  2019
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It is interesting to use an anime face as personal virtual image to replace the traditional sequence code. To generate diverse anime faces, this paper proposes a style-gender based anime GAN (SGA-GAN), where the gender is directly conditioned to ensure the gender differentiation, and style features serve as a condition to guarantee the style diversity. To extract style features, we train a style feature network (SFN) as a multi-task classifier to simultaneously fulfill gender classification, style classification, and image quality estimation. To make full use of available data, partly labeled or unlabeled, during the SFN training, we propose a label completion method to actively complete the missing gender or style labels. The active label completion is essentially a weakly-supervised learning process through ensembling three distinct classifiers to improve the generalization capability. Experiments verify that the active label completion can improve the model accuracy and the style feature as a condition can make better the diversity of generated anime faces.