Simultaneous Socio-Spatial Shared Signage (Unknown language)

In: ICAT-EGVE 2016 - Posters and Demos   ;  25-26  ;  2016

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Simultaneous Socio-Spatial Shared Signage (5S) is an integrated demonstration project which consists of VRoadCast and ExField display systems. VRoadCast is a broadcasting system designed for VE(Virtual Environment) which lets non-players see what the players are doing in game. ExField is a glassless multiplex display system that shows different contents when viewed from different directions. In this demonstration, we proposed an augmented reality broadcasting environment without any wearable components. In this specific version, players can trip different parts of France. The contents is composed by 2D photos and 360 degree camera named Theta-S. The prototype was tested by the public at DCEXPO 2016 Laval Virtual stand and was recognized as a new signage media of VR experience for unconnected audiences.

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