Real-Time Ray Tracing on Head-Mounted-Displays for Advanced Visualization of Sheet Metal Stamping Defects (Unknown language)

In: High-Performance Graphics - Short Papers   ;  51-55  ;  2019

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Although interactive ray tracing has been around since the late 1990s, real-time frame rates had so far only been feasible for low and mid-size screen resolutions. Recent developments in GPU hardware, that specifically accelerate ray tracing, make it possible for the first time to target head-mounted displays (HMDs), which require constant high frame rates as well as high resolution images for each eye. This allows for utilizing ray tracing algorithms in novel virtual reality scenarios, which are impractical to do with rasterization. In this short paper we present our experiences of applying real-time ray tracing to the problem of detecting cosmetic defects in sheet metal stamping simulations by creating a virtual light cage.

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