Parallel Progressive Mesh Editing (English)

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Highly detailed models are commonly used in computer games and other interactive rendering applications. Intuitive editing methods are thus also required in addition to rendering algorithms. Progressive meshes are often employed to improve the rendering performance by reducing the number of rasterized triangles. The classical work flow is to generate a model and then use simplification algorithms to construct the progressive mesh. Thus the whole simplification has to be performed again after editing the model. This does not only require additional processing time but also hinders animations of progressive meshes. Based on this observation we propose a real-time parallel multi resolution modeling algorithm for progressive meshes. It can be used for real-time editing and animation of complex progressive meshes. Due to the progressive representation we can intuitively modify the overall shape or small scale details. To quickly generate a progressive mesh from a complex triangle model we also propose a massively parallel simplification algorithm that generates all required data structures within a few seconds.

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