Revisiting the Evaluation of In Situ Lagrangian Analysis (Unknown language)

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In situ usage of Lagrangian techniques has proven to be superior with respect to emerging supercomputing trends than the traditional Eulerian approach for scientific flow analysis. However, previous studies have not informed two key points: (1) the accuracy of the post hoc interpolated trajectory as a whole and (2) the spatiotemporal tradeoffs involved when using Lagrangian analysis. With this short paper, we address these points. We first conduct a more comprehensive evaluation via additional accuracy metrics tailored for evaluating Lagrangian trajectories. Second, we provide an understanding of the configurations where the Lagrangian approach works well by studying spatiotemporal tradeoffs. In addition, our study highlights the effects of error propagation and accumulation when performing Lagrangian interpolation for large numbers of steps. We believe our study is significant for better understanding the use of in situ Lagrangian techniques, as well as serving as a baseline for future Lagrangian research.

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