Adaptive Tetrahedral Meshes for Brittle Fracture Simulation (English)

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We present a method for the adaptive simulation of brittle fracture of solid objects based on a novel reversible tetrahedral mesh refinement scheme. The refinement scheme preserves the quality of the input mesh to a large extent, it is solely based on topological operations, and does not alter the boundary, i.e. any geometric feature. Our fracture algorithm successively performs a stress analysis and increases the resolution of the input mesh in regions of high tensile stress. This results in an accurate location of crack origins without the need of a general high resolution mesh which would cause high computational costs throughout the whole simulation. A crack is initiated when the maximum tensile stress exceeds the material strength. The introduced algorithm then proceeds by iteratively recomputing the changed stress state and creating further cracks. Our approach can generate multiple cracks from a single impact, but effectively avoids shattering artifacts. Once the tensile stress decreases, the mesh refinement is reversed to increase the performance of the simulation. We demonstrate that our adaptive method is robust, scalable and computes highly realistic fracture results.

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