Impulse Responses for Precomputing Light from Volumetric Media (Unknown language)

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Modern interactive rendering can rely heavily on precomputed static lighting on surfaces and in volumes. Scattering from volumetric media can be similarly treated using precomputation, but transport from volumes onto surfaces is typically ignored here. We propose a compact, efficient method to simulate volume-to-surface transport during lighting precomputation . We leverage a novel model of the spherical impulse response of light scattered (and attenuated) in volumetric media to simulate light transport from volumes onto surfaces with simple precomputed lookup tables. These tables model the impulse response as a function of distance and angle to the light and surfaces. We then remap the impulse responses to media with arbitrary, potentially heterogeneous scattering parameters and various phase functions. Moreover, we can compose our impulse response model to treat multiple scattering events in the volume (arriving at surfaces). We apply our method to precomputed volume-to-surface light transport in complex scenes, generating results indistinguishable from ground truth simulations. Our tables allow us to precompute volume-to-surface transport orders of magnitude faster than even an optimized path tracing-based solution would.

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