Practical Line Rasterization for Multi-resolution Textures (English)

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Draping 2D vectorial information over a 3D terrain elevation model is usually performed by real-time rendering to texture. In the case of linear feature representation, there are several specific problems using the texturing approach, specially when using multi-resolution textures. These problems are related to visual quality, aliasing artifacts and rendering performance. In this paper, we address the problems of 2D line rasterization on a multi-resolution texturing engine from a pragmatical point of view; some alternative solutions are presented, compared and evaluated. For each solution we have analyzed the visual quality, the impact on the rendering performance and the memory consumption. The study performed in this work is based on an OpenGL implementation of a clipmap-based multi-resolution texturing system, and is oriented towards the use of inexpensive consumer graphics hardware.

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    Practical Line Rasterization for Multi-resolution Textures
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    The Eurographics Association
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    10 pages
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