Elasticity-based Clustering for Haptic Interaction with Heterogeneous Deformable Objects (Unknown language)

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Physically-based simulation of heterogeneous objects remains computationally-demanding for many applications, especially when involving haptic interaction with virtual environments. In this paper, we introduce a novel multiresolution approach for haptic interaction with heterogeneous deformable objects. Our method called "Elasticity-based Clustering" is based on the clustering and aggregation of elasticity inside an object, in order to create large homogeneous volumes preserving important features of the initial distribution. The design of such large and homogeneous volumes improves the attribution of elasticity to the elements of the coarser geometry. We could successfully implement and test our approach within a complete and real-time haptic interaction pipeline compatible with consumer-grade haptic devices. We evaluated the performance of our approach on a large set of elasticity configurations using a perception-based quality criterion. Our results show that for 90% of studied cases our method can achieve a 6 times speedup in the simulation time with no theoretical perceptual difference.

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