Texture Shaders (English)

In: Graphics Hardware   ;  117-126  ;  1999

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Extensions to the texture-mapping support of the abstract graphics hardware pipeline and the OpenGL API are proposed to better support programmable shading, with a unified interface, on a variety of future graphics accelerator architectures. Our main proposals include better support for texture map coordinate generation and an abstract, programmable model for multitexturing. As motivation, we survey several interactive rendering algorithms that target important visual phenomena. With hardware implementation of programmable multitexturing support, implementations of these effects that currently take multiple passes can be rendered in one pass. The generality of our proposed extensions enable efficient implementation of a wide range of other interactive rendering algorithms. The intermediate level of abstraction of our API proposal enables high-level shader metaprogramming toolkits and relatively straightforward implementations, while hiding the details of multitexturing support that are currently fragmenting OpenGL into incompatible dialects.

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    Texture Shaders
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    The Eurographics Association
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    Postfach 8043, 38621 Goslar, Germany
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