Grand Challenges: Material Models in the Automotive Industry (English)

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Material reflectance definitions are core to high fidelity visual simulation of objects within a compelling 3D scene. In the automotive industry these are used across the entire business process: from conceptualisation of a new product range, through to the final sale. However, current state-of-the-art of material representations leave much to be desired for fast and practical deployment in the industry. Even after decades of research and development, there are no interoperable standards for material models to facilitate exchange between applications. A large discrepancy also exists between the quality of material models used (and indeed the quality at which they can be displayed) across the spectrum of use-cases within the industry. Focussing on the needs of the Automotive Industry, in this position paper, we summarise the main issues that limit the effective use of material models. Furthermore, we outline specific solutions we believe could be investigated in order to address this problem. This paper is the result of a review conducted in conjunction with several key players in the automotive field.

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