Interactive Silhouette Rendering for Point-Based Models (English)

In: Symposium on Point - Based Graphics   ;  13-18  ;  2004

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We present a new method for rendering silhouettes of point-based models. Due to the lack of connectivity information, most existing polygon-based silhouette generation algorithms cannot be applied to point-based models. Our method not only bypasses this connectivity requirement, but also accommodates point-based models with sparse non-uniform sampling and inaccurate/no normal information. Like conventional point-based rendering, we render a model in two passes. The points are rendered as enlarged opaque disks in the first pass to obtain a visibility mask, while being rendered as regular size splats/disks in the second pass. In this way, edges are automatically depicted at depth discontinuities, usually at the silhouette boundaries. The silhouette color is the disk color used in the first pass rendering. The silhouette thickness can be controlled by changing the disk size difference between two passes. We demonstrate our method on different types of point-based models from various sources. The simplicity of our method allows it to be easily integrated with other rendering techniques to cater to many applications. Our method is capable of rendering large scenes of millions of points at interactive rates using modern graphics hardware.

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    Interactive Silhouette Rendering for Point-Based Models
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    The Eurographics Association
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