Crossmodal Perception in Immersive Environments (Unknown language)

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With the proliferation of low-cost, consumer level, head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as Oculus VR or Sony's Morpheus, we are witnessing a reappearance of virtual reality. However, there are still important stumbling blocks that hinder the development of applications and reduce the visual quality of the results. Knowledge of human perception in virtual environments can help overcome these limitations. In this paper, within the much-studied area of perception in virtual environments, we chose to look into the less explored area of crossmodal perception, that is, the interaction of different senses when perceiving the environment. In particular, we looked at the influence of sound on visual motion perception in a virtual reality scenario. We first replicated a well-known crossmodal perception experiment, carried out on a conventional 2D display, and then extended it to a 3D headmounted display (HMD). Next, we performed an additional experiment in which we increased the complexity of the stimuli of the previous experiment, to test whether the effects observed would hold in more realistic scenes. We found that the trend which was previously observed in 2D displays is maintained in HMDs, but with an observed reduction of the crossmodal effect. With more complex stimuli the trend holds, and the crossmodal effect is further reduced, possibly due to the presence of additional visual cues.

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