Towards a WHAT-WHY-HOW Taxonomy of Trajectories in Visualization Research (Unknown language)

In: EuroVis 2019 - Posters   ;  5-8  ;  2019

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Effective analysis of movement often requires a comprehensive approach where computational and visual methods are combined to address a wide variety of tasks involving movers with diverse characteristics. In order to help the process of designing effective methods for a wide range of movement analysis cases, we develop a provisional taxonomy that links what Brehmer et al. [BM13] term statements of WHY-WHAT-HOW with tasks, types of movers, context and methods used to compute or visualize data. Within this document we present the origin of this taxonomy, the process we followed to populate it, discuss the novel categories within it, and finally use it to explore relationships between elements of trajectory analysis. Our main contribution is to provide a new means of connecting elements of WHY-WHAT-HOW when analysing trajectories.

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