Hybrid-Space Localized Stylization Method for View-Dependent Lines Extracted from 3D Models (Unknown language)

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We propose a localized stylization method that combines object-space and image-space techniques to locally styl- ize view-dependent lines extracted from 3D models. In the input phase, the user can customize a style and draw strokes by tracing over view-dependent feature lines such as occluding contours and suggestive contours. For each stroke drawn, the system stores its style properties as well as its surface location on the underlying polygonal mesh as a data structure referred as registered stroke. In the rendering phase, a new attraction field leads active contours generated from the registered strokes to match current frame feature lines and maintain the style and path coordinates of strokes in nearby viewpoints. For each registered stroke, a limited surface region referred as influence area is used to improve the line matching accuracy and discard obvious mismatches. The proposed styl- ization system produces uncluttered line drawings that convey additional information such as material properties or feature sharpness and is evaluated by measuring its usability and performance.

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Hybrid-Space Localized Stylization Method for View-Dependent Lines Extracted from 3D Models
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