Automatic Detection and Classification of Defects in Knitted Fabrics (English)

In: IEEE Latin America Transactions   ;  14 ,  7  ;  3065-3073  ;  2016
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High technological equipments are currently used in the knitted fabric production process. However, repetitive tasks are still being performed by human operators in steps of this process, thus reducing productivity and product quality. The inspection of fabric rolls which occurs after the knitting process corresponds to an example. As this activity is still performed by a human inspector, mistakes are common because of human inability to maintain attention during long working hours. In this work, the development of an automated inspection system for knitted fabric in raw and flat state is presented. In order to automatically inspect the fabric, new methods of detection and classification using computer vision are proposed. The system was evaluated in a series of tests using a large image database created from rolls supplied by the industry. Excellent rates on defect detection and classification were achieved, demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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Sechi Moretti Annoni Notare, Mirela | 2016
Editorial to the regular issue
Sechi Moretti Annoni Notare, Mirela | 2016
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Magina, F. C. / Pinto Junior, O. / Naccarato, K. P. | 2016
Automatic Detection and Classification of Defects in Knitted Fabrics
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Pereira, R. I. S. / Jucá, S. C. S. / Carvalho, P. C. M. | 2016
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Albuquerque, L. T. / Pinto, V. P. | 2016
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da Silva, M. F. / Bastos, F. F. / da S Casillo, D. S. / Casillo, L. A. | 2016
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Rubio, J. J. / Cruz, P. / Paramo, L. A. / Meda, J. A. / Mujica, D. / Ortigoza, R. S. | 2016
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Zenteno, Omar / Rojas, Christiam / Chang, Javier / Castaneda, Benjamin | 2016
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A Contribution to the Study of the Estimate Hydroelectric Potential for Small Hydropower Plant
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A low cost system for acoustic monitoring of partial discharge in power transformer by piezeletic sensor
Albuquerque Castro, B. / Marabezzi Clerice, G. A. / Andreoli, A. L. / de Souza Campos, F. / Covolan Ulson, J. A. | 2016
A low cost system for acoustic monitoring of partial discharge in power transformer by Piezoelectric Sensor
Castro, B. A. / Clerice, G. A. M. / Andreoli, A. L. / Campos, F. S. / Ulson, J. A. C. | 2016
Alternative Generation Sources Portfolio: Optimal Resources Allocation and Risk Analysis Supported by Genetics Algorithms
Camargo, L. A. S. / Ramos, D. S. / Guarnier, E. / Ishida, S. / Matsudo, E. | 2016
Calculation of Hourly Price-Demand Elasticity in the Colombian Electricity Market
Perez, Jackeline / David Velasquez, Juan / Jaime Franco, Carlos | 2016
Demand Planning in Smart Homes
Flores, J. T. / Celeste, W. C. / Coura, D. J. C. / Rissino, S. D. / Moraes, R. E. N. / Rocha, H. R. O. | 2016
Effects on Electricity Marginal Costs due to Variations of the Load Curve in Colombia
Pérez, J. / Velásquez, J. D. / Franco, C. J. | 2016
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Feeded by Renewable: PV and Train Regenerative Braking
Hernandez, J. C. / Sutil, F. | 2016
Intelligent Electronic Device for Distributed Energy Resources
Real, R. / Moreno, A. / Pallarés, V. / Gonzalez, M. | 2016
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Santos Marques, Marthielo / Soares, Fatima Cibele / Russi, Jumar Luis | 2016
MultiAgent Systems in Power System Protection: Review, Classification and Perspectives
Pesente, J. R. / Rolim, Jacqueline Gisele / Moreto, Miguel | 2016
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Cecilio Pinto, Adeon / dos Santos Neto, Pedro Jose / Campos Pereira, Filipe | 2016
Performance Analysis of Wireless Power Control Systems for Induction Aerogenerators for Smart Grid Applications
Gomes Cardoso, Jaqueline / Capovilla, Carlos Eduardo / Santana Casella, Ivan Roberto / Sguarezi Filho, Alfeu Joaozinho | 2016
Possible Impacts on the Environment and Human Health of the LED Bulb Lamps Used in Electrified Rural Households with Photovoltaic Home Systems
Angel, D. M. / Morante, F. B. | 2016
Potential For Energy Recovery From A Wastewater Treatment Plant
Caceres, E. / Alca, J. J. | 2016
Rural Electrification Using Gasification Technology: Experiences and Perspectives
Caceres, Edgar / Alca, Juan Jose | 2016
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Vences, R. / Gómez, J. / Menéndez, V. | 2016
A new Method for Dynamic Balancing of Workload and Scalability in Multicore Systems
Belmonte, D. L. / Linhares, R. R. / Stadzisz, P. C. / Simão, J. M. | 2016
A simplified empirical modeling of electrophysiological activity in a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers
Pizá, A. G. / Farfán, D. / Albarracín, A. L. / Lucianna, F. A. / Soletta, J. H. / Felice, C. J. | 2016
A WSN Testbed for Teaching Purposes
Godoy, P. / Cayssials, R. / Garino, C. G. | 2016
Agent-based Modeling and Simulation to Adoption Process of Information Technologies in Health Systems
Pardo, M. / Fariñas, W. | 2016
Assessment of software defect detection efficiency and cost through an intelligent collaborative virtual environment
Ucan, J. P. / Gomez, O. S. / Aguilar, R. A. | 2016
Brazilian Portuguese Text Clustering Based on Evolutionary Computing
Afonso, A. R. | 2016
Centralized Algorithms for Redundant Coverage Maximization in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks
da Silva, T. F. / Costa, D. G. | 2016
Combination of Agile Development and User Centered Design to Improve the Usability of a Beef-Cattle Farm Simulator
Arroqui, M. / Mangudo, P. / Pellizza, L. / Murgolo, S. / Ottonello, A. / Ferragut, S. / Alvarez, J. R. / Machado, C. F. / Teyseyre, A. | 2016
Comparing Tabular and Multidimentional Model in a real BI solution
Simon, A. / Torres, M. / Garcia, L. / Ravelo, R. | 2016
Developing Usability Heuristics: A Formal or Informal Process?
Quiñones, D. / Rusu, C. / Roncagliolo, S. / Rusu, V. / Collazos, C. A. | 2016
Educative therapeutic tool to promote the empowerment of disabled people
Rybarczyk, Yves / Vernay, Didier | 2016
Facial Expression Analysis with Kinect for the Diagnosis of Paralysis Using Nottingham Grading System
Carro, R. C. / Huerta, E. B. / Caporal, M. / Hernandez, J. C. / Cruz, F. R. | 2016
Forensic Expertise in Storage Device USB Flash Drive: Procedures and Techniques for Evidence
Campos, L. M. O. / Gomes, E. / Martins, H. P. | 2016
Fruit Classification by Extracting Color Chromaticity, Shape and Texture Features: Towards an Application for Supermarkets
Garcia, F. / Cervantes, J. / López, A. / Alvarado, M. | 2016
GiveMe Trace: A Software Evolution Traceability Support Tool
Silveira Lelis, Claudio Augusto / Fernandes Tavares, Jacimar / Pereira Araujo, Marco Antonio / Nazar David, Jose Maria | 2016
Heuristic Evaluation of an Interactive Television System to Facilitate Elders Home Care
Santana, P. C. / Anido, L. E. | 2016
Interactive multimedia application for teaching and learning in Analytical Geometry
Cardenas Cantos, Lourdes / Lopez Izquierdo, Jose / Cardenas Cantos, Ernesto | 2016
Piegas: A Systems for Sentiment Analysis of Tweets in Portuguese
Grandin, P. / Adán, J. M. | 2016
Prediction of Aggressive Comments in Social Media: an Exploratory Study
Del Bosque, Laura Patricia / Garza, Sara Elena | 2016
Real Time Alarm Processing for Predictive Failure Diagnosis in Petrochemical Plants
Leitao, G. / Guedes, L. A. | 2016
Secure Inter-Cloud architecture for virtual cloud computing based on hybrid IP and MPLS infrastructure solution
Boava, A. / Iano, Y. | 2016
The use of multimodal interaction for supporting the production of location-based information
Horita, F. E. A. / Braga, D. S. / Monteiro, C. D. D. | 2016