Generation IV nuclear energy systems and the need of accurate nuclear data (English)

In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series   ;  168 ,  1  ;  012024  ;  2009
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To satisfy the world's demand of energy, constantly increasing over the years, a suitable mix of different energy sources has to be envisaged. In this scenario, an important role may be played by nuclear energy, provided that major safety, waste and proliferation issues affecting current nuclear reactors are satisfactorily addressed. In this respect, a large effort is under way since a few years towards the development of advanced nuclear systems that would use more efficiently the uranium resources, and produce a minimal amount of long-lived nuclear waste. The main activity concerns Generation IV reactors, with full or partial waste recycling capability. Their design requires R&D in numerous fields. Among the different needs, it is of fundamental importance to improve the knowledge of basic nuclear data, such as cross-sections for neutron-induced reactions on actinides. The main characteristics and principle of operation of the new generation nuclear systems are here described, together with the related needs of new and accurate nuclear data. Finally, an example of activity currently undergoing in the field is shown, with the recent experimental results obtained at the neutron facility n_TOF at CERN.

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12th Conference on ''Theoretical Nuclear Physics in Italy''
I Bombaci / A Covello / L E Marcucci / S Rosati | 2009
List of Participants
I Bombaci / A Covello / L E Marcucci / S Rosati | 2009
Few-nucleon physics
Winfried Leidemann | 2009
Light-front projections of the Bethe-Salpeter amplitude and the 4D electromagnetic current for an interacting two-fermion system
T Frederico / J A O Marinho / E Pace / G Salmè | 2009
Hadronic parity violation in few-body systems
L Girlanda / R Schiavilla / M Viviani / A Kievsky / L E Marcucci | 2009
Three-nucleon force study in A = 3,4 systems
A Kievsky / S Rosati / M Viviani / L E Marcucci / L Girlanda | 2009
N – d elastic scattering at low-energies with local and non-local realistic nuclear interactions
L E Marcucci / L Girlanda / A Kievsky / S Rosati / M Viviani | 2009
Nuclear matter and nuclear dynamics
M Colonna | 2009
Scale and chiral symmetry in a effective lagrangian for nuclear physics
Luca Bonanno / Alessandro Drago | 2009
Magnetic fields generated by r-modes in accreting millisecond pulsars
Carmine Cuofano / Alessandro Drago | 2009
Nuclear structure
Silvia M Lenzi | 2009
Relativistic models for nuclear structure and low-energy QCD phenomenology
P Finelli | 2009
Remarks on shape phase transitions in nuclei
L Fortunato / A Vitturi / C E Alonso / J M Arias | 2009
Collective excitations in metallic clusters within the second random phase approximation
D Gambacurta / F Catara | 2009
Shell-model calculations in 132Sn and 208Pb regions with low-momentum interactions
A Gargano / L Coraggio / A Covello / N Itaco | 2009
Pygmy resonances in Sn isotopes within a microscopic multiphonon approach
E G Lanza / M V Andrés / F Catara / Ph Chomaz / D Gambacurta | 2009
Spatial dependence of the pairing field calculated with bare and induced interactions
A Pastore / F Barranco / R A Broglia / E Vigezzi | 2009
Nuclear physics with electroweak probes
Omar Benhar | 2009
Weak response of nuclear matter at low momentum transfer
Nicola Farina | 2009
Effective nucleon-nucleon interaction and low-lying nuclear magnetic states
C Maieron / V De Donno / G Co' / M Anguiano / A M Lallena / M Moreno Torres | 2009
Hadron structure and hadronic matter
Elena Santopinto | 2009
Transverse-momentum-dependent parton distributions in a spectator diquark model
F Conti / A Bacchetta / M Radici | 2009
Monte Carlo simulations of QCD thermodynamics in the PNJL model
M Cristoforetti / T Hell / W Weise | 2009
The SPES project: An ISOL facility for exotic beams
G Prete / A Andrighetto / L Biasetto / M Manzolaro / F Gramegna / A Lombardi / A Pisent / J Esposito / E Fagotti / M Cinausero et al. | 2009
EURISOL: an European Isotope Separation On-Line radioactive ion beam facility
A Bonaccorso / G Prete | 2009
Generation IV nuclear energy systems and the need of accurate nuclear data
N Colonna | 2009