Toxicity and Cumulative Properties of Actinomycins C1, C2, and C3, Contained in Preparations in Different Proportions (English)

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Toxic and cumulative properties of 5 Soviet-made actinomycins were studied. Actinomycin I was identical to foreign dactinomycin. Intact mice and mice with tumor L10 were used in the experiment. Differences in the toxic and cumulative properties of the actinomycin were found. LD50 of actinomycin II(20% C1, 18% C2, 60% C3), actinomycin III (10% C1, 30% C2, 60% C3) and actinomycin V (5% C1, 18% C2, 74% C3) were 1110-1250 ug/kg. The above 3 actinomycins had cumulative effects. LD50 of actinomycin IV (31% C1, 63% C2, 5% Co') was 105 ug-kg. This actinomycin possessed no cumulative properties. Actinomycin I (95% C1) was intermediate. Its LD50 was 800 ug/kg. The cumulative properties of actinomycin I were slightly pronounced. The above pecularities of the actinomycins may be attributed to different contents of d-valine and alloisoleucine in polypeptide chains of individual actinomycins C1, C2, C3, and C01.