Measurement of the Critical Distance Parameter Against Icing Conditions on a NACA 0012 Swept Wing Tip (English)

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This work presents the results of three experiments, one conducted in the Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) at NASA Glenn Research Center and two in the Goodrich Icing Wind Tunnel (IWT). The experiments were designed to measure the critical distance parameter on a NACA 0012 Swept Wing Tip at sweep angles of 45deg, 30deg, and 15deg. A time sequence imaging technique (TSIT) was used to obtain real time close-up imaging data during the first 2 min of the ice accretion formation. The time sequence photographic data was used to measure the critical distance at each icing condition and to study how it develops in real time. The effect on the critical distance of liquid water content, drop size, total temperature, and velocity was studied. The results were interpreted using a simple energy balance on a roughness element