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PAPERS - EMC Standards - Tracing Antenna Factors of Precision Dipoles to Basic Quantities
Garn, H. / Buchmayr, M. / Müllner, W.
PAPERS - Undesired Sources - Statistical Response of EM-Driven Cables Inside an Overmoded Enclosure
Holland, R. / John, R.H.St
PAPERS - Cables - Capacitance of Transmission Line of Parallel Cylinders with Variable Radial Width
Das, B.N. / Das, S. / Parida, D.
PAPERS - Systems EMC - A Channel Model for the Residential Power Circuit Used as a Digital Communications Medium
Hooijen, O.G.
PAPERS - Antennas-Propagation - Electromagnetic Ground-Wave Field of Vertical Antennas for Communication at 1 to 30 MHz
King, R.W.P. / Harrison Jr, C.W.
PAPERS - Antennas-Propagation - Studies on the Classical Gain Approximations and the Aperture-Reflection Coefficient of Rectangular Waveguide Antennas
Selvan, K.T.
PAPERS - Lightning - Response of Long Lines to Nuclear High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)
Greetsai, V.N. / Kozlovsky, A.H. / Kuvshinnikov, V.M. / Loborev, V.M. / Parfenov, Y.V. / Tarasov, O.A. / Zdoukhov, L.N.
PAPERS - Lightning - Lightning-Induced Overvoltages in Power Lines: Validity of Various Approximations Made in Overvoltage Calculations
Cooray, V. / Scuka, V.
PAPERS - Shielding - Measurement of the Shielding Properties of Composite Materials: Comparison of the Dual TEM and Noncontact Probe Methods
Gardner, C.L. / Poissant, Y.F.C.
PAPERS - Radiations Hazards - Measurement of Localized Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for Contactless Smartcard Readers Operating in the HF Band
Kanda, M. / McCoy, D.O. / Schamberger, M. / Balzano, Q.
SHORT PAPERS - The Specific Absorption Rate in a Spherical Head Model from a Dipole with Metallic Walls Nearby
Cooper, J. / Hombach, V.
SHORT PAPERS - Determination of Parameters of Symmetric Coupled Lines in an Inhomogeneous Medium Using Reflected and Transmitted Waveforms
Sakagami, I. / Chino, S.
SHORT PAPERS - Screening Effectiveness Measurement of a Coaxial Cable Isolator
Iskra, S.
SHORT PAPERS - Electromagnetic Penetration and Coupling to Wires Through Apertures of Arbitrary Shape
Manara, G. / Bandinelli, M. / Monorchio, A.
Associate Editors and Reviewers 1998
International Conference and Workshop
Foreword -- Special Issue on Lightning
Canavero, F.G. / D'Amore, M. / Mazzetti, C. / Nucci, C.A.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Lightning Discharge - Review and Evaluation of Lightning Return Stroke Models Including Some Aspects of Their Application
Rakov, V.A. / Uman, M.A.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Lightning Discharge - Predicting the Spatial and Temporal Variation of the Electromagnetic Fields, Currents, and Speeds of Subsequent Return Strokes
Cooray, V.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Lightning Discharge - Measurement Results of the Electric Fields in Cloud-To-Ground Lightning in Nearby Munich, Germany
Heidler, F. / Hopf, C.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Lightning Discharge - Lightning Current and Magnetic Field Parameters Caused by Lightning Strikes to Tall Structures Relating to Interference of Electronic Systems
Fuchs, F. / Landers, E.U. / Schmid, R. / Wiesinger, J.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Lightning Occurrance Characteristics - Lightning Characteristics Based on Data from the Austrian Lightning Locating System
Diendorfer, G. / Schulz, W. / Rakov, V.A.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Lightning Occurrance Characteristics - The US National Lightning Detection NetworkTM and Applications of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Data by Electric Power Utilities
Cummins, K.L. / Krider, E.P. / Malone, M.D.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - LEMP and Induced Effects - PEEC Modeling of Lightning Protection Systems and Coupling to Coaxial Cables
Antonini, G. / Cristina, S. / Orlandi, A.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - LEMP and Induced Effects - Estimates of Lightning-Induced Voltage Stresses Within Buried Shielded Conduits
Tesche, F.M. / Kälin, A.W. / Brändli, B. / Reusser, B. / Ianoz, M. / Tabara, D. / Zweiacker, P.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Protection Against LEMP - Some Observations on the Protection of Buildings Against the Induced Effects of Lightning
Montandon, E. / Rubinstein, M.
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Protection Against LEMP - Reliable Protection of Electronics Against Lightning: Some Practical Applications
Laan, P.C.T.van der / Deursen, A.P.J.van
SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS - Protection Against LEMP - Systematic Approach for the Analysis of the Electromagnetic Environment Inside a Building During Lightning Strike
Orlandi, A. / Mazzetti, C. / Flisowski, Z. / Yarmarkin, M.
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