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Departments - What's Inside
| 2001
Departments - InSite
| 2001
Departments - The E-Mail Poll - Going Gigabit Ethernet or adopting ATM?
| 2001
Departments - Columnists - Net Results - It's balancing act is tricky business
Molta, Dave | 2001
Sneak Previews - Altiga Concentrates on VPN Security - Time to trash your remote-access router? Maybe so, if you're making room for Altiga Networks' VPN Concentrator. This box provides reliable and secure connectivity for remote users, as well as strong Web-based management. We conducted an exclusive test of a beta version of VPN Concentrator and were impressed by its robust features and functionality.
Fratto, Mike | 2001
Elcon Technology DIVA LAN ISDN Modem
| 2001
Sneak Previews - IP AddressWorks: No Garden-Variety Tool - If you think standards-based IP management is a pipe dream, you haven't tried Process Software's new IP AddressWorks. The vendor is committed to nonproprietary protocols, as we witnessed in our exclusive test of this beta software. IP AddressWorks is the only package in this market that supports full DNS and DHCP for OpenVMS.
Ballard, Jeff | 2001
Computer Associates Unicenter TNG Performance and Availability Neugents
| 2001
Features - The New Face of Single Sign-On - Single sign-on is standard operating procedure on the Web, but inside the organization, most users need to remember several usernames and passwords. Using Web-enabled technology, vendors are finally creating products that can provide secure single sign-on for the enterprise intranet. The result? Less user frustration, better security and more productivity. We examine the products and methods that will help your organization successfully chart its single sign-on strategy.
Carden, Philip | 2001
Departments - Centerfold - Skiing Wireless: Vail Resorts, Trendy and Techie - Vail, the Colorado ski resort known for sightings of the rich and famous, is running a 2.4-GHz 802.11 wireless Ethernet LAN for its ski-rental, ski-school and lift-ticket operations.
Higgins, Kelly Jackson | 2001
Reviews - Mariposa, 3Com Raise the Bar For Next-Generation ATM Access - Mariposa Technology's firstborn, the ATM Turbo Exchange ATX-100, beat out entries from General DataComm, Lucent and 3Com. In tests conducted at the MCI WorldCom Developer's Lab, the ATX-100 exhibited sophisticated voice traffic management and unmatched ease of use. Overall, this new class of ATM access concentrators proves that the time is right for ATM over WAN's
Willis, David | 2001
Reviews - Wired on Wireless: A New Class of 802.11 Devices Go the Distance - 802.11 wireless LAN technology has come a long way, and it's still making leaps and bounds in performance, range and interoperability. In our Syracuse University Real-World Labs(R), we tested 12 vendors' 802.11-compliant PC Cards and access points within the direct-sequence and frequency-hopping spectrums. Top honors went to Aironet, Proxim and Symbol Technologies.
Molta, Dave / Foster-Webster, Areth | 2001
Departments - Columnists - Security Watch - Where DES stands in the crypto debate
Moskowitz, Robert | 2001
Departments - Buyer's Guide - Need Some Space? Have a Server Rack Attack - Continually increasing the size of your server farm can lead to serious space and management issues. That's why adding rackmount servers to your mix could make the difference between a failing and a functional network. But before you buy, read our tips on what to look for in these network space-savers.
Fetters, Dave | 2001
Departments - Resources - Network Direct
| 2001
Departments - Resources - Network Solutions
| 2001
Departments - Resources - Showcase
| 2001
Departments - Resources - Careers
| 2001
Departments - Resources - Advertisers' Index
| 2001
Departments - Columnists - On the Edge - The impossible network and systems management dream
Wittmann, Art | 2001
Departments - Resources - Windows NT (after p. 93)
| 2001
Departments - Resources - Reader Subscription Card
| 2001

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