Indoor climate (Unknown language)

Birkhäuser , Basel; 1993
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Table of contents – Volume 49, Issue 9

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The atmospheric environment
Jendritzky, G. | 1993
The atmospheric environment—an introduction
Jendritzky, G. | 1993
Heat balance modelling
Höppe, P. R. | 1993
Biological effectiveness of solar UV radiation in humans
Ambach, W. / Blumthaler, M. | 1993
Effects of atmospheric pollution on human health
Wanner, H. U. | 1993
Meteorotropy and medical-meteorological forecasts
Bucher, K. / Haase, C. | 1993
Possible biological effects of electric and magnetic parameters in the environment
Reiter, R. | 1993
Indoor climate
Höppe, P. R. | 1993
The role of histones and their modifications in the informative content of chromatin
Tordera, V. / Sendra, R. / Pérez-Ortín, J. E. | 1993
Carbonic anhydrase type II in regenerating retinal pigment epithelium. A histochemical study in the rabbit
Korte, G. E. / Smith, J. | 1993
Involvement of thiols in the induction of inward current induced by silver in frog skeletal muscle membrane
Aoki, T. / Nihonyanagi, K. / Oba, T. | 1993
Hepatic glucose signals vagally modulate the cyclicity of gastric motility in rats
Sakaguchi, T. / Ohtake, M. | 1993
Similarity between the effects of suprachiasmatic nuclei lesions and of pinealectomy on gonadotropin release in ovariectomized, sulpiride-treated and melatonin-replaced rats
Acuña-Castroviejo, D. / Fernández, B. / Castillo, J. L. / Aguila, C. M. | 1993
Non-viraemic transmission of tick-borne encephalitis virus: a mechanism for arbovirus survival in nature
Labuda, M. / Nuttall, P. A. / Kožuch, O. / Elečková, E. / Williams, T. / Žuffová, E. / Sabó, A. | 1993
Role of low ecdysteroid levels in the early last larval instar ofBombyx mori
Gu, S. -H. / Chow, Y. -S. | 1993
A method for chromosome preparations from large fish specimens using in vitro short-term treatment with colchicine
Foresti, F. / Oliveira, C. / Foresti de Almeida-Toledo, L. | 1993
Reproductive competition and colony fragmentation in the guest-ant,Formicoxenus provancheri
Heinze, J. / Gübitz, T. / Errard, C. / Lenoir, A. / Hölldobler, B. | 1993
Transfer and isolation effects on the feeding behaviour of the angelfish,Pterophyllum scalare
Gómez-Laplaza, L. M. / Morgan, E. | 1993
Fatty acid profiles of major food sources of howler monkeys (Alouatto palliata) in the neotropics
Chamberlain, J. / Nelson, G. / Milton, K. | 1993
Fatty acid profiles of major food sources of howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata) in the neotropics
Chamberlain, J. / Nelson, G. / Milton, K. | 1993
The structure of scytonemin, an ultraviolet sunscreen pigment from the sheaths of cyanobacteria
Proteau, P. J. / Gerwick, W. H. / Garcia-Pichel, F. / Castenholz, R. | 1993

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