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Elsevier , Amsterdam [u.a.]; 2010
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Table of contents – Volume 113, Issue 2

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What do you think of followers? Examining the content, structure, and consequences of implicit followership theories
Sy, Thomas | 2010
The good, the bad and the ugly thing to do when sharing information: Revealing, concealing and lying depend on social motivation, distribution and importance of information
Steinel, Wolfgang / Utz, Sonja / Koning, Lukas | 2010
Tainted recommendations: The social comparison bias
Garcia, Stephen M. / Song, Hyunjin / Tesser, Abraham | 2010
Focus induced tunnel vision in managerial judgment and decision making: The peril and the antidote
Posavac, Steven S. / Kardes, Frank R. / Joško Brakus, J. | 2010
Unstuck from the concrete: Carryover effects of abstract mindsets in intertemporal preferences
Malkoc, Selin A. / Zauberman, Gal / Bettman, James R. | 2010
A daily investigation of the role of manager empathy on employee well-being
Scott, Brent A. / Colquitt, Jason A. / Paddock, E. Layne / Judge, Timothy A. | 2010
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