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Table of contents – Volume 25, Issue 2

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Maintenance regime for optimal profit problem
Salama, Mihra M. | 2004
Testing for autocorrelation in the prices of some selected staple food crops in Bomo State, Nigeria
Orebivi, J. S. / Onyeka, U. P. / Okomwa, V. O. | 2004
Order level lot size inventorv model with two suppliers
Parikh, Manisha / Shah, Nita H. / Shah, Y. K. | 2004
Inventory model for deteriorating items With displayed stock level dependant demand rate-an algorithm approach
Roy, S. / Bhunia, A. K. / Mukhopadhyay, S. | 2004
Web based health care services
Chatterjee, M. / Saha, A. K. / Samanta, R. K. | 2004
Constrained inventory system with varving holding cost: lead time demand umformly distributed
Fergany, H. A. / Saadani, M. E. El | 2004