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Table of contents – Volume 26, Issue 5

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Geometry and evolution of Holocene transgressive and regressive barriers on the semi-arid coast of NE Brazil
Henrique de Oliveira Caldas, Luciano / Gomes de Oliveira, Josibel / Eugênio de Medeiros, Walter / Stattegger, Karl / Vital, Helenice | 2006
Seasonal variation of pteropods from the Western Arabian Sea sediment trap
Mohan, R. / Verma, K. / Mergulhao, L.P. / Sinha, D.K. / Shanvas, S. / Guptha, M.V.S. | 2006
Geochemical features of the Okhotsk Sea Cenozoic volcanism
Emel’yanova, Tat’yana A. / Lelikov, Evgeniy P. / S’edin, Vladimir T. | 2006
Late Quaternary sediments on the outer shelf of the Korea Strait and their paleoceanographic implications
Lim, D.I. / Kang, S. / Yoo, H.S. / Jung, H.S. / Choi, J.Y. / Kim, H.N. / Shin, I.H. | 2006
Monitoring of a methane-seeping pockmark by cabled benthic observatory (Patras Gulf, Greece)
Marinaro, Giuditta / Etiope, Giuseppe / Bue, Nadia Lo / Favali, Paolo / Papatheodorou, George / Christodoulou, Dimitris / Furlan, Flavio / Gasparoni, Francesco / Ferentinos, George / Masson, Michel et al. | 2006
“Coastal dynamics and human impact: south-eastern North Sea”, an overview
Winter, Christian / Bartholomä, Alexander | 2006