Meso- and bathypelagic distribution and abundance of chaetognaths in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean (Unknown language)

In: Polar biology   ;  32 ,  9  ;  2009
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A new genus and three new species of Antarctic cheilostome Bryozoa
Kuklinski, Piotr / Barnes, David K.A. | 2009
Ice algal assemblages and vertical export of organic matter from sea ice in the Barents Sea and Nansen Basin (Arctic Ocean)
Tamelander, Tobias / Reigstad, Marit / Hop, Haakon / Ratkova, Tatjana | 2009
Status of the endangered ivory gull, Pagophila eburnea, in Greenland
Gilg, Olivier / Boertmann, David / Merkel, Flemming / Aebischer, Adrian / Sabard, Brigitte | 2009
Distribution of psychrophilic microorganisms in soils of Terra Nova Bay and Edmonson Point, Victoria Land and their biosynthetic capabilities
Gesheva, Victoria | 2009
Phytoplankton and phytobenthos pigment strategies: implications for algal survival in the changing Arctic
Bonilla, Sylvia / Rautio, Milla / Vincent, Warwick F. | 2009
Beak colouration as a possible sexual ornament in gentoo penguins: sexual dichromatism and relationship to body condition
Cuervo, José J. / Palacios, María J. / Barbosa, Andrés | 2009
Chick provisioning and nest attendance of male and female Wilson’s storm petrels Oceanites oceanicus
Gladbach, Anja / Braun, Christina / Nordt, Anja / Peter, Hans-Ulrich / Quillfeldt, Petra | 2009
Mitochondrial function in Antarctic notothenioid fishes that differ in the expression of oxygen-binding proteins
Urschel, Matthew R. / O’Brien, Kristin M. | 2009
Dinoflagellates in a fast-ice covered inlet of the Riiser-Larsen Ice Shelf (Weddell Sea)
Pieńkowski, Anna Jadwiga / Marret, Fabienne / Thomas, David N. / Scourse, James D. / Dieckmann, Gerhard S. | 2009
Regional patterns of nematode assemblages in the Arctic deep seas
Fonseca, Gustavo / Soltwedel, Thomas | 2009
Meso- and bathypelagic distribution and abundance of chaetognaths in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
Kruse, Svenja / Bathmann, Ulrich / Brey, Thomas | 2009
Population structure and reproduction of Eukrohnia bathypelagica and Eukrohnia bathyantarctica in the Lazarev Sea, Southern Ocean
Kruse, Svenja | 2009
Pycnogonids of the Eastern Weddell Sea (Antarctica), with remarks on their bathymetric distribution
Soler i_Membrives, Anna / Turpaeva, Elena / Munilla, Tomás | 2009