Problems of implementation and adjustment of the modern electric drives (English)

In: Russian electrical engineering   ;  86 ,  1  ;  2015
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Based on the experience of implementation of ac and dc automated electric drives (AEDs), important problems of grounding their power, matching with the mains, adjustment, diagnostics, and electromagnetic compatibility are considered. Continuous improvement of the element base for AEDs and automated process control systems (APCSs) with respect to reduction of control power with a sharp increase of the dynamic properties of the elements and growth of the power and number of discrete semiconductor converters, has led to an increase in the ratio between the output power of an AED and the power of its control system up to 1020. Within this framework, the problem of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the AED and APCS elements became acute; i.e., electromagnetic interference signals became commensurable with the variable control signals and caused malfunction of either individual elements or the entire control system. This article presents a number of measures providing EMS of AED elements and shows the experimental values of the intensities of electric and magnetic fields in the area in which the components are located.

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