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The biblical manuscript A 12, preserved in Duesseldorf's Federal and University Library (Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek Duesseldorf), dates from the mid-13th century. In the course of its scholarly analysis, a piece of parchment was found in the interior board, where a fragment of a surgical text is written on. Judging from the writing, the original manuscript came from southern France (Montpellier) and dates from the late 13th century. Several pas- sages quote "M[agister] W[ilhelmus] de Congenis", but the text bears only a vague resem- blance to Pagel's (1891) and Sudhoff s (1918) editions. Upon the other hand, the author was guided by Roger Frugardi's 'Chirurgia', which presumably gave the structure for Wilhelm's lectures. The edition of the fragmentary text presents a yet unknown example of student notes referring to William of Congenis and illustrates the complex history of Roger commentaries.

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