Development of E/E Architecture for Commercial Vehicles in Emerging Indian Markets (English)

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The rapid development of automotive electronics has increased the number of electronic control units in the vehicle and the complexity of overall wiring harness. Automotive Multiplexing system is being adopted and customized by all global automotive OEMs to address the growing electrical/electronic complexity in automobiles. Adopting globally available off-the-shelf multiplexing products for Indian market requires heavy customization to meet the functional requirements and the Indian environmental condition requirements. And, the cost factor is also significant. This has driven Ashok Leyland to develop a low cost Multiplexing solution that meets the global standards in terms of performance, regulation and quality to cater to the local and global market needs. A unique, state-of-the-art Electrical and Electronics (E/E) architecture named as âAshok Leyland Vehicle Electrical and Electronics Distributed Architectureâ (ALVEDAâ¢) has been designed, developed and established by Ashok Leyland for its commercial vehicles. ALVEDA⢠is designed as Master - Slave architecture for truck platforms and Master - Master architecture for bus platforms with common ALVEDA⢠products. ALVEDA⢠is in production in Ashok Leyland vehicles.