Using Model-Based Security Engineering in the Development of Complex Aircraft Cabin Systems (English)

In: Sae International Journal of Aerospace   ;  8 ,  1  ;  89-96  ;  2015
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The increasing functionality associated with the rising complexity of aircraft cabin systems which are used by cabin crew, passengers, maintenance staff and other stakeholders, requires a reconsideration of the methods for the development of aircraft cabin systems. This paper deals with a model-based security engineering approach based on the so called Three-V-Model as an appropriate process model, which represents the governing system engineering process (SEP) associated with the safety engineering process (SafEP) and the security engineering process (SecEP). All three processes are pursued concurrently and are interacting reciprocally by working within the same system model on each development level. We describe in detail the involved model-based security engineering activities of the SecEP and the integration of the CORAS risk analysis method in a consistent System Modeling Language (SysML) approach. Finally we demonstrate how the interactions between the SEP and the SecEP with the CORAS risk analysis method are realized within a single SysML model.