Low-Cost Instant Surveillance System (English)

In: Proc. SPIE   ;  0339 ;  1983

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A low-cost, battery-operated surveillance system was developed for use in international nuclear safeguards. The resulting system utilizes components of the commercial Polavision instant movie system to provide single-frame color or black/white images which are automatically developed and displayed by a portable Polavision Player whenever it is desired to stop and view the film. The system is designed for long-term unattended use, triggered by a timer or other input signal. To provide positive assurance of continuing operation, a self-diagnostic module was designed to detect the most common failure modes and transmit real-time status data to a remote location. The resulting system provides a low-cost surveillance capability which may be useful in various law enforcement applications.

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    Low-Cost Instant Surveillance System
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    Optics and Images in Law Enforcement II; 1982; Arlington,United States
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    Proc. SPIE ; 0339
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    Conference paper
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