Virtual Reality-Based Interactive Scientific Visualization Environments (English)

Trends in Interactive Visualization
Springer London , London; 2008


Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) has some production applications (e.g., in vehicle design and psychiatric treatment), but it is often viewed as an expensive, over-hyped technology with insufficient and/or unproven benefit over conventional desktop systems. With steady research progress at many institutions and advances in hardware and software technologies, immersive scientific visualization is another application area in which IVR is having a positive impact and is beginning to attract more attention from the scientific community. At Brown University, we have been researching immersive scientific visualization systems by developing interactive systems with domain scientists in a variety of fields, including archaeology, biology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and geoscience. Anecdotal and formal evaluations show the benefits range from mild to very significant – benefits include speeding up and providing broader analysis, greater spatial understanding, enabling new types of exploration, helping in undergraduate as well as graduate courses, and debugging data acquisition methods. In this chapter, we present a number of these systems developed at Brown University and discuss the results of our experimental findings on the efficacy of IVR-based interactive visualization.

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Overview of Interactive Visualisation
Zudilova-Seinstra, Elena / Adriaansen, Tony / Liere, Robert van | 2008
Visualisation of Information Uncertainty: Progress and Challenges.
Pham, Binh / Streit, Alex / Brown, Ross | 2008
Parallel Coordinates: Interactive Visualisation for High Dimensions
Inselberg, Alfred | 2008
Interactive Particle Visualisation
Gribble, Christiaan P | 2008
Visual Parameters and Transfer Functions
Salama, Christof Rezk | 2008
Gaining Greater Insight through Interactive Visualization: A Human Factors Perspective
Kalawsky, Roy S. | 2008
Perceptual and Design Principles for Effective Interactive Visualisations
Hicks, Martin | 2008
Applying a User-centered Approach to Interactive Visualisation Design
Wassink, Ingo / Kulyk, Olga / Dijk, Betsy van / Veer, Gerrit van der / Vet, Paul van der | 2008
A Visualisation Framework for Collaborative VirtualEnvironment Usage Information
Brown, Ross / Joslin, Simon / Drennan, Penny | 2008
Virtual Reality-Based Interactive Scientific Visualization Environments
LaViola, Joseph J. Jr. / Prabhat / Forsberg, Andrew S. / Laidlaw, David H. / Dam, Andries van | 2008
Interactive Molecular Visualisation at the Interface
Marchese, Francis T. | 2008
Point, Talk, and Publish: Visualisation and the Web
Heer, Jeffrey / Viégas, Fernanda B. / Wattenberg, Martin / Agrawala, Maneesh | 2008
Extending Measurement Science to Interactive Visualisation Environments
Terrill, Judith / George, William / Griffin, Terence / Hagedorn, John / Kelso, John / Olano, Marc / Peskin, Adele / Satterfield, Steven / Sims, James / Bullard, Jeffrey et al. | 2008
Interactive Spatiotemporal Reasoning
Cai, Yang / Stumpf, Richard / Tomlinson, Michelle / Wynne, Timothy / Chung, Sai Ho / Boutonnier, Xavier | 2008
Interactive Statistical Modeling with XGms
Martens, Jean-Bernard | 2008
Interactive Mathematical Visualisations: Frameworks, Tools and Studies
Sedig, Kamran | 2008

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