Knowledge Science – Modeling the Knowledge Creation Process (English)

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Knowledge science is a problem-oriented interdisciplinary field that takes as its subject the modeling of the knowledge creation process and its application, and carries out research in such disciplines as knowledge management, management of technology, support for the discovery, synthesis and creation of knowledge, and innovation theory with the aim of constructing a better knowledge-based society. This presentation considers what knowledge science should be, introducing a forthcoming book entitled “Knowledge Science - Modeling the Knowledge Creation Process” (Nakamori [1]) as well as the School of Knowledge Science at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, which is the first school established in the world to make knowledge a target of science. The first dean of the School was Professor Ikujiro Nonaka who is famous worldwide for his organizational knowledge creation model called the SECI spiral (Nonaka and Takeuchi [3]), which is in fact the key factor in establishing the School. The presentation also briefly introduces a methodology for knowledge synthesis called the theory of knowledge construction systems; its fundamental part was already published in Systems Research and Behavioral Science (Nakamori et al. [2]).

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Talking with Uncertainty
Nishida, Toyoaki | 2011
Introduction to the ER Rule for Evidence Combination
Yang, Jian-Bo / Xu, Dong-Ling | 2011
Theories and Approaches to Treat Incomparability
Xu, Yang / Liu, Jun | 2011
Knowledge Science – Modeling the Knowledge Creation Process
Nakamori, Yoshiteru | 2011
Two Classes of Algorithms for Data Clustering
Miyamoto, Sadaaki | 2011
Fusing Conceptual Graphs and Fuzzy Logic: Towards the Structure and Expressiveness of Natural Language
Cao, Tru H. | 2011
A MMORPG Decision-Making Model Based on Persuasive Reciprocity
Neto, Helio C. Silva / Carvalho, Leonardo F. B. S. / Paraguaçu, Fábio / Lopes, Roberta V. V. | 2011
A Computing with Words Based Approach to Multicriteria Energy Planning
Yan, Hong-Bin / Ma, Tieju / Nakamori, Yoshiteru / Huynh, Van-Nam | 2011
Bipolar Semantic Cells: An Interval Model for Linguistic Labels
Tang, Yongchuan / Lawry, Jonathan | 2011
A Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification System Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Tang, Min / Chen, Xia / Hu, Weidong / Yu, Wenxian | 2011
Rough Approximations in General Approximation Spaces
Qin, Keyun / Pei, Zheng / Xu, Yang | 2011
Multi-agents and Non-classical Logic Systems
Zhao, Chenfang / Pei, Zheng | 2011
An Information Processing Model for Emotional Agents Based on the OCC Model and the Mood Congruent Effect
Ma, Chao / Gong, Guanghong / Ma, Yaofei | 2011
On Distributive Equations of Implications and Contrapositive Symmetry Equations of Implications Based on a Continuous t-Norm
Qin, Feng / Lu, Meihua | 2011
A Novel Cultural Algorithm Based on Differential Evolution for Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problems with Fuzzy Processing Time
Niu, Qun / Zeng, Tingting / Zhou, Zhuo | 2011
An Over-Relaxed (A,η,m)-Proximal Point Algorithm for System of Nonlinear Fuzzy-Set Valued Operator Equation Frameworks and Fixed Point Problems
Lan, Heng-you / Wang, Xiao / Xiong, Tingjian / Xiang, Yumin | 2011
Reliability-Based Route Optimization of a Transportation Network with Random Arc Capacities and Time Threshold
Zhang, Tao / Guo, Bo / Tan, Yuejin | 2011
Modeling Multilocation Transshipment with Application of Stochastic Programming Approach
Chen, Jingxian / Lu, Jianxin | 2011
Identifying a Non-normal Evolving Stochastic Process Based upon the Genetic Methods
Tan, Kangrong / Chu, Meifen / Tokinaga, Shozo | 2011
Clustering Based Bagging Algorithm on Imbalanced Data Sets
Sun, Xiao-Yan / Zhang, Hua-Xiang / Wang, Zhi-Chao | 2011
Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Using Asymmetric Similarity Based on a Bag Model and Application to Information on the Web
Takumi, Satoshi / Miyamoto, Sadaaki | 2011
Applying Agglomerative Fuzzy K-Means to Reduce the Cost of Telephone Marketing
Hsu, Ming-Jia / Hsu, Ping-Yu / Dashnyam, Bayarmaa | 2011
Kansei Information Transfer Technology
Nakamori, Yoshiteru | 2011
Combining Binary Classifiers with Imprecise Probabilities
Destercke, Sébastien / Quost, Benjamin | 2011
Applying Hierarchical Information with Learning Approach for Activity Recognition
To, Hoai-Viet / Le, Hoai-Bac / Ikeda, Mitsuru | 2011
Querying in Spaces of Music Information
Homenda, Wladyslaw / Rybnik, Mariusz | 2011
Automatic Music Transcription: An Experiment with Simple Tools
Homenda, Wladyslaw | 2011