Research achievements on the new generation Internet architecture and protocols (English)

in Science China Information Sciences ; 56 , 11 ; 1-25
Science China Information Sciences
Springer Berlin Heidelberg , Berlin/Heidelberg; 2013


Despite the great success achieved by the Internet, it has been facing increasingly severe technical challenges that include address exhaustion, low-level network security and trustworthiness, weak quality-of-service control capability, limited bandwidth, and poor support toward mobility. In this paper we summarize the principal challenges facing the current Internet, introduce the research status of the future Internet, analyze the principal design goals of the new generation Internet evaluation methods and models of the present Internet architecture, introduce the research achievements made under the new generation Internet architecture in detail, and propose our next-step research priorities and perspectives in the face of an increasing number of innovative Internet applications.

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Lattice-based linearly homomorphic signature scheme over binary field
Wang, FengHe / Hu, YuPu / Wang, BaoCang | 2012
Biped walking on level ground with torso using only one actuator
Feng, Shuai / Al Yahmadi Amur, S. / Sun, ZengQi | 2013
Shop&Go: TSP heuristics for an optimal shopping with smartphones
Pardines, Inmaculada / Lopez, Victoria | 2013
Boundary-representable partition of unity for image magnification
Nagai, Yukie / Ohtake, Yutaka / Yokota, Hideo / Suzuki, Hiromasa | 2013
A high quality image reconstruction method based on nonconvex decoding
Zhao, GuangHui / Shen, FangFang / Wang, ZhengYang / Wu, WeiJia / Shi, GuangMing / Liu, DanHua | 2012
A unified level set framework utilizing parameter priors for medical image segmentation
Wang, LingFeng / Yu, ZeYun / Pan, ChunHong | 2012
Research achievements on the new generation Internet architecture and protocols
Liu, Ying / Wu, JianPing / Zhang, Zhou / Xu, Ke | 2013
Coherence-enhancing line drawing for color images
Wang, ShanDong / Ma, ZiYang / Liu, XueHui / Chen, YanYun / Wu, EnHua | 2012
Hierarchical representation of on-chip context to reduce reconfiguration time and implementation area for coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture
Wang, YanSheng / Liu, LeiBo / Yin, ShouYi / Zhu, Min / Cao, Peng / Yang, Jun / Wei, ShaoJun | 2013
Routing for predictable Multi-Layered Satellite Networks
Liu, HeYu / Sun, FuChun | 2013
Parallel computation of determinants of matrices with multivariate polynomial entries
Chen, LiangYu / Zeng, ZhenBing | 2012
An improved attack on clock-controlled shift registers based on hardware implementation
Li, Lei / Liu, XiangHui / Wang, Zheng / Li, FengHua | 2012
Approximating probability distribution of circuit performance function for parametric yield estimation using transferable belief model
Xu, XiaoBin / Zhou, DongHua / Ji, YinDong / Wen, ChengLin | 2012
Singular Boolean networks: Semi-tensor product approach
Feng, JunE / Yao, Juan / Cui, Peng | 2012
Robust structure from motion with affine camera via low-rank matrix recovery
Wu, Lun / Wang, YongTian / Liu, Yue / Wang, YuXi | 2013
Data model extension for security event notification with dynamic risk assessment purpose
Lopez, David / Pastor, Oscar / Garcia Villalba, Luis Javier | 2013
Graph-based image segmentation using directional nearest neighbor graph
Liu, Zhao / Hu, DeWen / Shen, Hui / Feng, GuiYu | 2012
Towards an end-to-end delay analysis of LEO satellite networks for seamless ubiquitous access
Chen, JianZhou / Liu, LiXiang / Hu, XiaoHui | 2013
A temporal context model for boosting video annotation
Yi, Jian / Peng, YuXin / Xiao, JianGuo | 2012
How cooperation arises from rational players?
Mu, YiFen / Guo, Lei | 2013
Advanced graph model for tainted variable tracking
Ma, Chao / Yan, Dong / Wang, YuPing / Hu, ShiMin | 2012
Multi-scale local features based on anisotropic heat diffusion and global eigen-structure
Li, Shuai / Qin, Hong / Hao, AiMin | 2012
New construction of perfect sequence set and low correlation zone sequence set
Xiong, Hai / Qu, LongJiang / Li, Chao | 2013

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