Application of soft and hard modeling methods to resolve the three competitive complex formation of 13 lanthanide-Arsenazo III complexes (English)

In: International Journal of Industrial Chemistry   ;  3 ,  1  ;  1-7  ;  2012

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Abstract The applicability of soft and hard modeling methods was used to determine the formation constants of complexes between 3,6-bis[(2-arsonophenyl)azo]-4,5-dihydroxy-2,7-naphtalenedisulphonic acid disodium salt (Arsenazo III) and 13 lanthanides. The results showed that all the 13 lanthanides (M) studied form a similar type of complexes and spectral profiles with Arsenazo III (L) with three formation constants corresponding to M/L ratios of 1:1, 1:2, and 2:2.

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Effect of Ammonium Molybdate Inhibition on Corrosion Behaviour of Mild Steel in Chloride and Sulphide Media
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Nasirtabrizi, Mohammad Hossein / Ziaei, Zeinab Mohammadpoor / Jadid, Aiyoub Parchehbaf / Fatin, Leila Zare | 2013
Proximate analysis, rheological properties and technological applications of some Nigerian coals
Ryemshak, Solomon A / Jauro, Aliyu | 2013
Pre-concentration of ultra-trace furan in beverage samples and its determination by high performance liquid cromatography
kalal, Hossein Sid / Khanchi, Ali Reza / Konoz, Elahe / Khaki, Sara / Taghiof, Mohammad / Baghdadi, Majid / Panahi, Homayon Ahmad | 2012
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using carob leaf extract and its antibacterial activity
Awwad, Akl M / Salem, Nidá M / Abdeen, Amany O | 2013
Generation of PVP fibers by electrospinning in one-step process under high-pressure CO2
Wahyudiono / Machmudah, Siti / Murakami, Kanako / Okubayashi, Satoko / Goto, Motonobu | 2013
An overview of problems and solutions for components subjected to fireside of boilers
Akash Singh / Vivek Sharma / Siddhant Mittal / Gopesh Pandey / Deepa Mudgal / Pallav Gupta | 2017
Modification of copolymers using nucleophilic reactions between glycidyl methacrylate and 9-anthracene carboxylic acid
Nasirtabrizi, Mohammad Hossein / Khodabandlou, Sona / Zargin, Laya / Parchehbaf Jadid, Aiyoub | 2014
Catalytic oxidation of SO2 by novel Mn/copper slag nanocatalyst and optimization by Box-Behnken design
Fattah Rabiee / Kazem Mahanpoor | 2018
Thermo-catalytic degradation of different plastics to drop in liquid fuel using calcium bentonite catalyst
Achyut K. Panda | 2018
Adsorption of hydrogen sulphide over rhodium/silica and rhodium/alumina at 293 and 873 K, with co-adsorption of carbon monoxide and hydrogen
Claire Gillan / Martin Fowles / Sam French / S. David Jackson | 2017
Application of (polyaniline/zeolite X) composite as anticorrosion coating for energy recovery devices in RO desalination water plants
Ahmed H. Abdel Aziz / Tarek S. Jamil / Marwa S. Shalaby / Ahmed M. Shaban / Eglal R. Souaya / Nabil A. Abdel Ghany | 2019
Cadmium chloride: a simple and efficient catalyst for the synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine (Hantzsch pyridines)
Venkateswarlu, Yekkirala / Kumar, Sudhagani Ramesh / Leelavathi, Panugati | 2012
Cadmium chloride (CdCl2): a mild and efficient catalyst for the synthesis of benzimidazoles
Sammaiah, B / Sumalatha, D / Reddy, GS Satyanarayana / Rajeswari, M / Sharada, LN | 2012
Synthesis and characterization of emulsion polymers using isopropenyl acetate
Shinde, Nilesh / Kathalewar, Mukesh / Sabnis, Anagha | 2012
Application of soft and hard modeling methods to resolve the three competitive complex formation of 13 lanthanide-Arsenazo III complexes
Kakhki, Javad Fadaee / Abedi, Mohammad Reza | 2012
Prediction of flooding and pressure drop in a spinning cone column using neural networks
Saghatoleslami, Nasser / Amiri, Mohammad / Golkhatmi, Jamal Rohi | 2012
Decolorization of organic dye solution by ozonation; Optimization with response surface methodology
Kasiri, Masoud B / Modirshahla, Nasser / Mansouri, Hasan | 2013
Synthesis and application of CNT-supported MoO3-K2O nanocatalyst using microemulsion technique: role of nanoparticle size on catalyst activity and selectivity in higher alcohol synthesis
Tavasoli, Ahmad / Karimi, Saba / Shoja, Morteza | 2013
Removal of Fe(II) from aqueous solution using pomegranate peel carbon: equilibrium and kinetic studies
Moghadam, Masoud Rohani / Nasirizadeh, Navid / Dashti, Zienab / Babanezhad, Esmaeil | 2013
Modeling of fluidized bed reactor for ethylene polymerization: effect of parameters on the single-pass ethylene conversion
Farag, Hassan / Ossman, Mona / Mansour, Moustapha / Farid, Yousra | 2013
DFT investigations on the interaction of oxygen reduction reaction intermediates with Au (100) and bimetallic Au/M (100) (M = Pt, Cu, and Fe) surfaces
Jalili, Seifollah / Isfahani, Asghar Zeini / Habibpour, Razieh | 2013
Characterization of cerate–zirconate ceramic powder prepared by a high-pressure–high-temperature batch-wise reactor system
Ibarahim, Najwa ‘Adni / Ishak, Mohd Azlan Mohd / Ramli, Azliana / Osman, Nafisah | 2014
Adsorption of lead (II) ions by activated carbons prepared from marine green algae: equilibrium and kinetics studies
Jeyakumar, R. P. Suresh / Chandrasekaran, V. | 2014
Effect of ultrasound on dyeing of wool fabric with acid dye
G. M. Nazmul Islam / Guizhen Ke / Abu Naser Md. Ahsanul Haque / Md. Azharul Islam | 2017
The choice of precursors in the synthesizing of CuMnOx catalysts for maximizing CO oxidation
Subhashish Dey / Ganesh Chandra Dhal / Devendra Mohan / Ram Prasad | 2018
Production of biodiesel from sea mango (Cerbera odollam) seed using in situ subcritical methanol–water under a non-catalytic process
Jenni Lie / Maria Bangun Rizkiana / Felycia Edi Soetaredjo / Yi-Hsu Ju / Suryadi Ismadji | 2018
Production of environmentally adapted lubricant basestock from jatropha curcas specie seed oil
Matthew C. Menkiti / Ocholi Ocheje / Chinedu M. Agu | 2017
Dodecyl methacrylate and vinyl acetate copolymers as viscosity modifier and pour point depressant for lubricating oil
Pranab Ghosh / Mainul Hoque / Gobinda Karmakar / Malay Kr. Das | 2017
Sorption Studies of Uranium on Mesoporous MCM-41: Effect of Synthesis Conditions
Hamid Sepehrian / Ali Malekynejad | 2011
Kinetic Spectrophotometric Method for Trace Amounts Determination of Bromide in Pharmaceutical Samples Using Janus Green-Bromate System
Masoud Reza Shishehbore / Roohollah Jokar | 2011
Application of acidic accelerator for production of pure hydrogen from NaBH4
Abdul-Majeed, Wameath S. / Arslan, Muhammad T. / Zimmerman, William B. | 2014
Evaluation of sunflower oil as a multifunctional lubricating oil additive
Ghosh, Pranab / Karmakar, Gobinda | 2014
Corrosion inhibition effect and adsorption behaviour of nicotinamide derivatives on mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution
Chakravarthy, M. P. / Mohana, K. N. / Pradeep Kumar, C. B. | 2014
Performance of Pfaffia paniculata extract towards corrosion mitigation of low-carbon steel in an acidic environment
Haldhar, Rajesh / Prasad, Dwarika / Saharan, Harshita | 2021
A new colorimetric method for the determination of nifedipine tablets by derivatization using 4-carboxyl-2,6-dinitrobenzene diazonium ion
Aderibigbe, Segun Abidemi / Adegoke, Olajire Aremu / Idowu, Olakunle Sunday | 2012
3-Nitrophenylboronic acid-catalyzed efficient one-pot synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridines and polyhydroquinolines
Adude, Ramkishan N / Tigote, Radhakishan M / Goswami, Santosh V / Bhusare, Sudhakar R | 2012
Combination of nanophotocatalysis with electro-Fenton-like process in the removal of phenol from aqueous solution: GC analysis and response surface approach
Zarei, Mahmoud / Khataee, Alireza / Fathinia, Mehrangiz / Seyyednajafi, Fardin / Ranjbar, Heidar | 2012
Kinetic modeling: a predictive tool for the adsorption of zinc ions onto calcium alginate beads
Kafshgari, Morteza Hasanzadeh / Mansouri, Mohsen / Khorram, Mohammad / Kashani, Shahab Rahimi | 2013
Effect of the ratio of catalyst to carbon source on the growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on nanostructured porous silicon templates
Asli, Noor Asnida / Shamsudin, Muhammad Salleh / Bakar, Suriani Abu / Mahmood, Mohamad Rusop / Abdullah, Saifollah | 2013
Synthesis of multicore phenol formaldehyde microcapsules and their application in polyurethane paint formulation for self-healing anticorrosive coating
Jadhav, Rajendra S / Mane, Vishal / Bagle, Avinash V / Hundiwale, Dilip G / Mahulikar, Pramod P / Waghoo, Gulzar | 2013
Estimation of vapor pressures, compressed liquid, and supercritical densities for sulfur dioxide using artificial neural networks
Moghadassi, Abdolreza / Nikkholgh, Mahmoodreza / Hosseini, Sayedmohsen / Parvizian, Fahime | 2013
Extraction and characterization of seed oil waxes by using chromatographic techniques
Soomro, Rizwana K / Sherazi, Syed Tufail H | 2013
Adsorption and inhibitive properties of seroquel drug for the corrosion of zinc in 0.1 M hydrochloric acid solution
A. M. Guruprasad / H. P. Sachin / G. A. Swetha / B. M. Prasanna | 2019
Thermodynamic optimization of steady-flow industrial chemical processes
Leslie Glasser / James Alistair Fox / Diane Hildebrandt / David Glasser | 2018
Application of response surface methodology in the degradation of Reactive Blue 19 using H2O2/MgO nanoparticles advanced oxidation process
Shahin Ahmadi / Leili Mohammadi / Chinenye Adaobi Igwegbe / Somayeh Rahdar / Artur Marek Banach | 2018
Design and synthesis of Zn0.3Fe0.45O3 nanoparticle for efficient removal of Congo red dye and its kinetic and isotherm investigation
Ganesh Jethave / Umesh Fegade | 2018
Preparation of environmentally friendly activated carbon for removal of pesticide from aqueous media
Somaia G. Mohammad / Sahar M. Ahmed | 2017
Ni-supported catalysts for ethanol steam reforming: effect of the solvent and metallic precursor in catalyst preparation
Alejandra C. Villagrán Olivares / Manuel F. Gomez / Mariana N. Barroso / María C. Abello | 2018
Anticorrosive ability of electrochemically synthesized 2,2′-disulfanediyldianiline for mild steel corrosion: electrochemical and thermodynamic studies
M. R. Vinutha / T. V. Venkatesha / C. Nagaraja | 2018
Synthesis of Some New Thiazolidinones Derived from 1-p-Tolylethanone and Their Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities
Jitesh B. Patel / Vikas A. Desai | 2011
Derivative- Ratio Spectrophotometric, Chemometric and HPLC Validated methods for Simultaneous Determination of Amlodipine and Atorvastatin in Combined Dosage Form
Ola Moustafa Abdallah / Amr Mohamed Badawey | 2011
Production of a New Emulsifier Material for the Formation Heavy Hydrocarbon/Water Emulsion
Afshin Farahbakhsh / Majid Taghizadeh / Bagher Yakhchali / Kamyar Movagharnejad / Hassan Ali Zamani | 2011
Modeling and Simulation of Hamburger Cooking Process Using Finite Difference and CFD Methods
J. Sargolzaei / M. Abarzani / R. Aminzadeh | 2011
The Identification of Sulfolobus Species from a Biocorrosion of Wastewater Pipes
Shakila Motamedi / Reza Marandi / Seyedeh Flour Mazhar / Kambiz Tahvildari | 2011
Investigating the production of liquid fuels from synthesis gas (CO + H2) in a bench-scale packed-bed reactor based on Fe–Cu–La/SiO2 catalyst: experimental and CFD modeling
Irani, Mohammad | 2014
Modification and application of cellulose fibers for the transport of carbonate ions
Gaikwad, A. G. | 2014
Mild steel corrosion inhibition by aqueous extract of Hyptis Suaveolens leaves
Muthukrishnan, P. / Jeyaprabha, B. / Prakash, P. | 2014
Study of holdup and slip velocity in an L-shaped pulsed sieve-plate extraction column
Elham Mohammadi / Jafar Towfighi / Jaber Safdari / Mohammad H. Mallah | 2019
Removal of Copper Ions from Aqueous Solution with a Weak Cation Exchanger by Radiation-Induction Grafting Acrylic Acid onto Polypropylene Fiber
Zhongxin Ji / Yiling Bei / Qingyang Liu | 2011
An Expeditious Synthesis of Bioactive 4-Aryl-3, 4-Dihydropyrimidines Using Insitu Generated HCl
Sunita B. Shinde / Ambadas B. Rode / Satish A. Dake / Dattarye S. Bhosale / Vinayak S. Sonekar / Narsing M. Andurkar / Rajendra P. Pawar | 2010
Synthesis and utilization of epoxidized polybutadiene rubber as an alternate compatibilizer in green-tire composites
Vivek K. Srivastava / Ganesh C. Basak / Madhuchhanda Maiti / Raksh Vir Jasra | 2017
Equilibrium and kinetic studies of cadmium(II) and lead(II) ions biosorption onto Ficus carcia leaves
Farhan, Ahlam M / Al-Dujaili, Ammar H / Awwad, Akl M | 2013
Sensitive LC method for the simultaneous determination of diacerein and aceclofenac in tablet dosage form
Shaikh, Kabeer Ahmed / Patil, Ashish Tanaji / Ingole, Audumber Bhagwan | 2012
The manufacturing process parameters affecting color and brightness of TiO2 pigment
Sharafudeen, Riyas | 2012
Modeling, simulation and optimal control strategy for batch fermentation processes
Neba Fabrice Abunde / Nana Yaw Asiedu / Ahmad Addo | 2019
Application of ZnO nanorods as an adsorbent material for the removal of As(III) from aqueous solution: kinetics, isotherms and thermodynamic studies
Gutha Yuvaraja / Cheera Prasad / Yarramuthi Vijaya / Munagapati Venkata Subbaiah | 2018
Corrosion inhibition and adsorption behavior of phytic acid on Pb and Pb–In alloy surfaces in acidic chloride solution
Hany M. Abd El-Lateef / Abdel-Rahman El-Sayed / Hossnia S. Mohran / Hoda Abdel Shafy Shilkamy | 2019
Improvement of the interface bonding between date palm fibers and polymeric matrices using alkali-silane treatments
Abdessamad Oushabi / Fahd Oudrhiri Hassani / Younes Abboud / Said Sair / Omar Tanane / Abdeslam El Bouari | 2018
Investigation of activated carbon obtained from the liquid products of pyrolysis in sunflower oil bleaching process
N. G. Guliyev / H. J. Ibrahimov / J. A. Alekperov / F. A. Amirov / Z. M. Ibrahimova | 2018
A comparative study on the inhibitive effect of Crataegus oxyacantha and Prunus avium plant leaf extracts on the corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution
R. S. Al-Moghrabi / A. M. Abdel-Gaber / H. T. Rahal | 2018
Removal of Fe(III) ions from aqueous solution by hazelnut hull as an adsorbent
Sheibani, Ali / Shishehbor, Masoud Reza / Alaei, Hamed | 2012
Survey of cadmium, lead, and arsenic in sesame from Iran
Fahim, Niloofar Khoshbakht / Beheshti, Hamed Reza / Janati, Somayeh Sadat Fakoor / Feizy, Javad | 2013
Characterization of modified silica aerogel using sodium silicate precursor and its application as adsorbent of Cu2+, Cd2+, and Pb2+ ions
Pouretedal, HR / Kazemi, M | 2012
Application of aqueous extracts of coffee senna for control of mild steel corrosion in acidic environments
Akalezi, Chris O / Enenebaku, Conrad K / Oguzie, Emeka E | 2012
The effect of alumina content on the structural properties of ZrO2-Al2O3 unstabilized composite nanopowders
Nouri, Esmaiel / Shahmiri, Mohammad / Rezaie, Hamid Reza / Talayian, Fatemeh | 2012
A recyclable PEG-crowned potassium tribromide [{K+PEG}·Br3−] for the synthesis of tetrabromobisphenol A
Verma, Sanny / Jain, Suman L / Sain, Bir | 2012
Kinetics of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on silica-supported cobalt-cerium catalyst
Mansouri, Mohsen / Atashi, Hossein / Mirzaei, Ali Akbar / Jangi, Reza | 2013
Investigation on the morphological characteristics of nanofiberous membrane as electrospun in the different processing parameters
Mazoochi, T / Hamadanian, M / Ahmadi, M / Jabbari, V | 2012
Removal of mercury from aqueous solutions by adsorption on a new ultra stable mesoporous adsorbent and on a commercial ion exchange resin
De Clercq, Jeriffa | 2012
Liquid-phase microextraction based on the solidification of a floating organic microdrop for trace analysis of BTEX in the aqueous sample
Faraji, Hakim / Tehrani, Ramin Mohammad Ali | 2012
Removal of Cd(II) ion from wastewater by adsorption onto treated old newspaper: kinetic modeling and isotherm studies
Ossman, Mona E / Mansour, Moustapha S | 2013
Study of the fouling deposit in the heat exchangers of Algiers refinery
Harche, Rima / Absi, Rafik / Mouheb, Abdelkader | 2014
The effect of feldspar and kaolin on mechanical performance of SBR/LDPE composites
Mousa, Ahmad | 2013
Corrosion problems during oil and gas production and its mitigation
Popoola, Lekan Taofeek / Grema, Alhaji Shehu / Latinwo, Ganiyu Kayode / Gutti, Babagana / Balogun, Adebori Saheed | 2013
Synergism of novel thiuram disulfide and dibenzothiazyl disulfide in the vulcanization of natural rubber: curing, mechanical and aging resistance properties
Alam, Md. Najib / Mandal, Swapan Kumar / Roy, Kumarjyoti / Debnath, Subhas Chandra | 2014
Effects of operator parameters, anions and cations on the degradation of AY99 in an aqueous solution using Fenton’s reagent. Optimization and kinetics study
Bouasla, Chafia / Ismail, Fadhel / Samar, Mohamed El-Hadi | 2012
Electrochemical and thermodynamic investigation of the corrosion behavior of mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid solution containing organic compounds
Bahrami, Mohammad Javad / Hosseini, Seyed Mohammad Ali | 2012
Enhancement of ruthenium-promoted Co/CNTs nanocatalyst performance using microemulsion technique
Tavasoli, Ahmad / Taghavi, Somayeh / Tabyar, Saber / Karimi, Saba | 2014
Fischer–Tropsch synthesis: product distribution, operating conditions, iron catalyst deactivation and catalyst speciation
Joshua Gorimbo / Adolph Muleja / Xinying Liu / Diane Hildebrandt | 2018
Application of Sono–photo-Fenton process for degradation of phenol derivatives in petrochemical wastewater using full factorial design of experiment
Aref Shokri | 2018
Chrysanthemum indicum microparticles on removal of hazardous Congo red dye using response surface methodology
J. Chukki / S. Abinandan / S. Shanthakumar | 2018
Kinetic modeling of a heterogeneous Fenton-type oxidative treatment of complex industrial effluent
Laura Covinich / Fernando Felissia / Paola Massa / Rosa Fenoglio / María C. Area | 2018
A Simple and Efficient Enantioselective Synthesis of (S)-Esmolol
A. Venkat Narsaiah / J. Kranthi Kumar | 2010
A Facile and Efficient Synthesis of N-aryl Imides Using Trifluoroacetic Acid
Sunita B. Shinde / Sunil U.Tekale / Sushma S. Kauthale / Satish U. Deshmukh / Rajendra P. Marathe / Rajesh B. Nawale / Vinayak S. Sonekar / Vinod V. Thorat / Rajendra P. Pawar | 2011
Density Functional Theory of Ca2+ and Troponin C (TnC)
Mahmoud Raouf / Leila Mahdavian | 2010
Amphoteric gellan gum-based terpolymer–montmorillonite composite: synthesis, swelling, and dye adsorption studies
Sirajo Abubakar Zauro / B. Vishalakshi | 2017
Synthesis and evaluations of Fe3O4–TiO2–Ag nanocomposites for photocatalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol (4-CP): effect of Ag and Fe compositions
Amir Shojaie / Moslem Fattahi / Sahand Jorfi / Bahram Ghasemi | 2018
Methacrylate copolymers and their composites with nano-CdS: synthesis, characterization, thermal behavior, and antimicrobial properties
Mehdihasan I. Shekh / Dijit M. Patel / Nirmal N. Patel / Umesh S. Patel / Kaushal P. Patel / Rajnikant M. Patel | 2018
Efficacies of sodium nitrite and sodium citrate–zinc acetate mixture to inhibit steel rebar corrosion in simulated concrete interstitial solution contaminated with NaCl
Binsi Paulson Maliekkal / Joby Thomas Kakkassery / Vinod Raphael Palayoor | 2018
Mass transfer efficiency of a tall and low plate free area liquid pulsed sieve-plate extraction column
Shahzad Y. Khawaja / Muhammad R. Usman / Muhammad Nasif / Muhammad S. Akram / Waheed Afzal / Niaz A. Akhtar | 2017
Pectinase Production in a Defined Medium Using Surface Culture Fermentation
Haidar Abbasi / Mohammad Hassan Fazaelipoor | 2010
FT-IR, FT-Raman and Computational Study of Ethyl Methyl Ketone Semicarbazone
P. S. Binil / M. R. Anoop / Sheena Mary Y. / Hema Tresa Varghese / C. Yohannan Panicker / S. Suma / M. R. Sudarsanakumar | 2011
Carob seed oil: an efficient inhibitor of C38 steel corrosion in hydrochloric acid
Hmamou, Dris Ben / Salghi, Rachid / Zarrouk, Abdelkader / Benali, Omar / Fadel, Fatiha / Zarrok, Hassan / Hammouti, Belkheir | 2012
An experimental investigation on the fabrication of W-Cu composite through hot-press
Roosta, Mostafa / Baharvandi, Hamidreza / Abdizade, Hossein | 2012
Optical properties of pure and modified poly(vinyl chloride)
Yousif, Emad / Abdallh, Mustafa / Hashim, Hassan / Salih, Nadia / Salimon, Jumat / Abdullah, Bashar Mudhaffar / Win, Yip-Foo | 2013
Experimental evaluation of engine oil properties containing copper oxide nanoparticles as a nanoadditive
Ettefaghi, Ehsan-o-llah / Ahmadi, Hojjat / Rashidi, Alimorad / Mohtasebi, Seyed Saeid / Alaei, Mahshad | 2013
Preparation of carbon fiber from water hyacinth liquid tar
Soenjaya, Soegiarto Adi / Handoyo, Nova / Edi Soetaredjo, Felycia / Angkawijaya, Artik Elisa / Ju, Yi-Hsu / Ismadji, Suryadi | 2014
Comparative study of Levofloxacin and its amide derivative as efficient water soluble inhibitors for mild steel corrosion in hydrochloric acid solution
Chaitra, Turuvekere K. / Mohana, Kikkeri N. / Tandon, Harmesh C. | 2016
Characterization and in vitro release kinetics of antimalarials from whey protein-based hydrogel biocomposites
S. J. Owonubi / B. A. Aderibigbe / E. Mukwevho / E. R. Sadiku / S. S. Ray | 2018
Preparation and application of metal ion-doped CoMgAl-hydrotalcite visible-light-driven photocatalyst
Ali Auwalu / Tong Linlin / Shamsu Ahmad / Yang Hongying / Jin Zhenan / Yan Song | 2019
Study of corrosion inhibition of C38 steel in 1 M HCl solution by polyethyleneiminemethylene phosphonic acid
Merah Salah / Larabi Lahcène / Abderrahim Omar / Harek Yahia | 2017
Stabilization of γ-sterilized low-density polyethylene by synergistic mixtures of food-contact approval stabilizers
Sameh A. S. Alariqi / Niyazi A. S. Al-Areqi / Elyas Sadeq Alaghbari / R. P. Singh | 2017
Multi-site phase transfer catalyzed radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate in mixed aqueous–organic medium: a kinetic study
Vajjiravel Murugesan / Elumalai Marimuthu / K. S. Yoganand / M. J. Umapathy | 2017
Aging studies of a polypropylene and natural rubber blend
Chaouki Bendjaouahdou / Salima Bensaad | 2018
Preparation and evaluation of the mixtures of sulfonate and phenate as lube oil additives
Amal M. Nassar / Nehal S. Ahmed / Reham I. El-shazly / Yasser K. Abd el menem | 2017
Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies and Computational Study of 1,2-Diphenyl-4-n-Butyl-3,5-Pyrazolidinedione
C. Yohannan Panicker / M. R. Anoop / P.S.Binil / Sheena Mary Y / Hema Tresa Varghese / T. K. Manojkumar | 2011
Recovery of Chromium from Waste Taning Liquors by Magnesium Oxide
Mahmood M. Barbooti / Mumtaz A. Zablouk / Usama A. Al-zubaidi | 2010
Experimental Study (FT IR and FT Raman), Computed Vibrational Frequency Analysis and Computed IR Intensity and Raman Activity Analysis on 2, 6-Lutidine: HF and DFT Calculations
S. Ramalingam / T. Prabhu / S. Periandy | 2011
Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC Method for Determination of Guanfacine Hydrochloride in Bulk Drugs and in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form
Vinod K. Ahirrao / Dnyaneshwar R. Sangale / Vinayak S. Sonekar / Vinod V. Thorat / Rajendra P. Marathe / Rajesh B. Nawale / Rajendra P. Pawar | 2011
Electrochemical Study of Welded AISI 304 and 904L Stainless Steel in Seawater in View of Corrosion
Richárd Székely / Réka Répánszki / András Somogyi / Ákos Horváth / János Dobránszki | 2010
Investigation of lime usage impacts on bauxite processability at ETI Aluminyum Plant
Hüseyin Arıkan / Gökhan K. Demir / Sema Vural | 2019
Combustion synthesis of porous MgO and its adsorption properties
Songnan Li | 2019
Preparation and evaluation of the influence of modified fiber flour wood on the properties of the fresh condition of cement-based mortars
Aloulou Fadhel / Alila Sabrine | 2018
Effect of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles on rheological and volumetric properties of solutions containing polyethylene glycol
Somayyeh Navidbakhsh / Roghayeh Majdan-Cegincara | 2017
PEG cross-linked Chitosan: a biomacromolecule as corrosion inhibitor for sugar industry
D. S. Chauhan / V. Srivastava / P. G. Joshi / M. A. Quraishi | 2018
Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) pod as a novel eco-friendly biosorbent: a study on equilibrium and kinetics of Ni(II) biosorption
Aravind, Jeyaseelan / Muthusamy, Shanmugaprakash / Sunderraj, Sangeetha Hubbathalai / Chandran, Lenin / Palanisamy, Kanmani | 2013
Enhancement of ruthenium-promoted Co/CNT nanocatalyst performance using microemulsion technique
Tavasoli, Ahmad / Taghavi, Somayeh / Tabyar, Saber / Karimi, Saba | 2014
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