Auditing electronic mail (English)

in Network Security ; 2000 ; issue 7/7-issue 7/10
Network Security
; 2000
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E-mail is a terrific business tool. Unlike a phone call, it requires only one party to the conversation to be available at any one time. Unlike a fax, composing and sending an E-mail message is as simple as speaking. Unlike conventional mail, delivery is speedy. To cap it all, byte for byte, E-mail is almost certainly the cheapest of the lot. The article looks at the ways in which organizations can design and manage their systems to reduce the risks implicit in E-mail.

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issue 1/8
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Auditing electronic mail
Webb, A. | 2000
issue 8/11
Understanding viruses bio-logically
Cohen, F. | 2000
issue 9/13
The impact of quantum computing on cryptography
Wright, M.A. | 2000
issue 9/16
Chipping (network security management)
Cohen, F. | 2000
issue 10/10
Building trust into online business
McDermott, P. | 2000
issue 12/12
Privacy and security in wireless computing
Kakalik, J.S. / Wright, M.A. | 2000

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