Adhesion failure of external 3 layer extruded polyethylene (3 LPE) based coatings for gas/oil transmission pipelines buried under soil (English)

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Various analytical techniques are reported in this paper to assess the role of 3 LPE coatings' corrosion protection with special emphasis on the FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy)-substrate interface for gas/oil transmission pipelines buried under soil. FTIR, DSC, TGA, DMA have proved useful in determining the dimensional strength of the FBE coating. However, ToFSIMS has proved exceptionally useful in elucidating the detrimental effect of contamination like oil, grease and silicone etc at the FBE/steel-substrate interface on the coating disbondment. Our investigations strongly suggest that one of the most important factors - if not the most important - influencing the service lifetime of a 3 LPE coated pipeline lies in the steel surface preparation and reduction of residual contamination. A maximum care of the interface FBE/steel should minimize the need for cathodic protection (CP). A fair amount of information could be acquired with the help of analytical techniques employed so far. This basic study is to be considered as a starting point for a comprehensive/experimental insight into the FBE material performance with respect to its scope and limits. It is always desirable to compare 2-3 different FBE materials so that one can select the best available material as a pipeline coating. Although major characteristics of the two FBE materials are fairly similar, one can still see the fingerprints of each FBE-supplier. A neutral observer would prefer the material B based on our investigations. To conclude, it can be said of the investigated FBE materials that: Chlorine content: ionic chlorine contamination in particular, is too high for sample A and needs to be lowered considerably lor better corrosion protection due to the coating. A faster curing FBE is desirable by the manufacturer, even if it means that the shelf-life of the FBE is reduced. Cure at 'lower' temperature normally implies 'lower stress concentration' due to cure reaction.

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