Investigation of the regularity of austenite disintegration in steels with low pearlite content during continuous cooling (Russian)

Metallovedenie i Termiceskaja Obrabotka Metallov
; 1985
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Thermokinetische (TTT-)Diagramme der Staehle 09G2FB(09Mn2VNb) mit 0,08% C, 0,22% Si, 1,50% Mn, 0,020% P, 0,006% S, 0,065% V und 0,023% Nb und 12G2VB (12Mn2VB) mit 0,11% C, 0,44% Si, 1,37% Mn, 0,011% P, 0,009% S, 0,082% V und 0,005% B. Ein Zusatz bis 0,005% B (Stahl 2) erhoeht die Austenitstabilitaet und gewaehrleistet eine hoehere Durchhaertbarkeit. Es bringt beim thermomechanischen Walzen oder Vergueten (Abschrecken von 9200 C, Anlassen 600-6400 C) eine Erhoehung der Festigkeit von 560 auf 610-640 MPa bei befriedigender Plastizitaet und Schlagzaehigkeit.

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Table of contents – Volume 31, Issue 9

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Cooling capacity of an aqueous solution of polymers PK-2 at different temperatures
Kobasko, N.I. / Shvets, Y.I. / Fialko, N.M. / Meranova, N.O. / Nikolaev, E.D. | 1985
The influence of an oxidation on the functional condition of oils for hardening
Tkachuk, T.I. / Rudakova, I.Y. / Sheremeta, B.K. / Orazova, M.R. | 1985
The quench-hardening of gas-containers in the medium 'water-air'
Bejlinova, T.A. / Vasilenko, E.N. / Dudnik, A.F. / Markevich, V.M. / Kadinova, A.S. | 1985
Heat treatment of tubes with thicker ends in an induction installation
Zgura, A.A. / Tyazhelnikov, A.I. | 1985
Automatic system of processing and the economic selection of efficient technological processes for the heat treatment
Kalinin, V.P. / Tkacheva, O.N. | 1985
The influence of accompanying elements on the tendency to temper brittleness of heat resistant Cr-Mo-V-steels
Borisov, I.A. / Kark, G.S. / Pokusaeva, V.I. | 1985
Changing the mechanical properties of a quench-hardened steel 45 at the tempering
Demenkov, A.P. / Likhachev, V.A. / Pruss, A.A. | 1985
The influence of nickel on the fracture toughness of low carbon steels
Demygin, N.E. / Goritskij, V.M. / Khromov, D.P. / Guseba, I.A. / Vesolajnen, O.Y. | 1985
The influence of nonmetallic inclusions on the features of fracture of the steel 20GFL
Akselrod, A.E. / Zhitova, L.P. / Knyazeva, V.R. / Sarrak, V.I. | 1985
The influence of rare earth additions on the porperties of the steel 18KhN2MFL used for milling of boring tools
Evseev, P.P. / Zhirkin, Y.N. | 1985
Investigation of the regularity of austenite disintegration in steels with low pearlite content during continuous cooling
Pozdnyakov, L.G. / Evsyukov, M.F. / Chekhranov, S.V. | 1985
The influence of the cooling rate and heat treatment on the chemical micro-heterogenity of the steel 09Kh16N4BL
Anastasiadi, G.P. / Kolchina, R.V. / Smirnova, L.N. | 1985
The influence of the chemical micro-heterogenity of solid solutions on the brittleness of chromium steels
Madyanov, S.A. / Sedov, V.K. / Apaev, B.A. | 1985
The formation of microstructure during recrystallization of cold rolled sheets of the steel 06Kh18ch
Babitskaya, A.N. / Mishchenko, V.G. / Movshovich, V.S. | 1985
Microstructure and properties of the alloy KhN62BMKTYu during heating to high temperatures
Maslenkova, E.A. / Abramov, O.V. / Maslenkov, S.B. | 1985
The influence of a heat treatment on features of the fracture of the valve steel 55Kh20G9AN4
Verner, K.A. / Zelenova, V.D. / Mikheeva, V.V. / Knorozova, T.B. | 1985
The kinetics of the disintegration of supersaturated solid solutions of chromium bronzes
Fedorov, G.M. / Fedorov, V.N. / Khan, M.G. / Manujlov, A.T. | 1985
The influence of the structure of the grains and of stress concentrations on the formability of strip of brass L80
Zastolskaya, Z.K. / Volkov, A.K. / Ivanov, G.P. | 1985
Increasing the corrosion resistance of extruded parts of the alloy 01420
Berezina, A.L. / Beletskij, V.I. / Gurevich, T.N. / Trofimova, L.N. / Chumak, V.I. | 1985
Mechanical properties of unmodified alloys and of strontium refined alloys of the system Al-Si-Zn-Mg-Ti
Ganiev, I.N. / Semenova, O.N. / Vakhobov, A.V. | 1985
Heat treatment at lower temperatures of parts made of high-strength cast iron
Ulanovskaya, S.N. / Monastyrskaya, N.N. / Vanzha, G.K. / Yaroshenko, V.I. | 1985

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