Anonymous communication with elementary cyclic routes (Japanese)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  41 ,  8  ;  2148-2160  ;  2000
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In today's computer networks, it is important to provide anonymity to protect a users' privacy. However, previous anonymous communication protocols had disadvantages in that repeated encryption may be required, or that receiver anonymity is not realized. Therefore, we propose a new anonymous communication scheme with cyclic routes. Cyclic routes have the advantage that neither starting points nor end points exist. This feature would be useful for realizing anonymous communication where identities of senders (starting points) and receivers (end points) must be made unknown. Thus our scheme reduces the cost of key distribution, encryption, and decryption, maintaining anonymity of both senders and receivers. We formally define our protocol and discuss its various aspects including anonymity. We especially show that our scheme can generally provide a higher degree of anonymity than the Crowds system proposed recently.

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