MieLog: log information browser with information visualization and text mining (Japanese)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  41 ,  12  ;  3265-3275  ;  2000
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It is necessary for a system administrator to investigate log information. The reason is that log-files contain an enormous amount of information generated from an operating system and various programs and this information is useful for solving a variety of problems. Moreover, intrusions are becoming a serious problem. A system administrator, therefore, has to watch log information periodically in order to find the intrusion. In this research, we developed a log information browsing system, called 'MieLog', in order to support such a task. MieLog extracts characteristics from log information. An example of these characteristics is the number of log outputting in fixed time or the length of log text. MieLog, moreover, represents their characteristics visually with textual information. As a result, MieLog makes it easier for a system administrator to investigate log information.

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