Maintaining image quality in motion picture watermarking based on motion detection (Japanese)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  43 ,  8  ;  2529-2541  ;  2002
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Compatibility between maintenance of image quality and robustness of image processing is an essential requirement for watermark embedding. Therefore, it is necessary to embed watermarks into the contents as much as possible without visual degradation. Because watermarking is inconspicuous on moving objects among frames, there is the possibility of increasing watermark strength by considering the properties of the motion. Previous methods, however, embedded watermarks into each frame independently. This paper proposes a method that controls watermark strength based on motion vectors and variations in the motion detection. Experimental evaluations show that the new method enables us to raise the embedded information as much as 30% with the same quality as the previous method and improve the survivability of MPEG2 encoding.

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