Secure Tele-operation Protocol for the firewall in the control system (Japanese)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  43 ,  8  ;  2552-2561  ;  2002
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This research is related to a secure tele-operation protocol for plant control systems via IP networks. We propose the access control mechanism for the control system by using the concept of "operation privilege." In the fusion of information systems and control systems, it has been possible to have access to the control systems from IP networks with high usability. At the same time, however, the control systems have been exposed to various threats of the IT security. Especially in the case of operations, whose information is inbound flow for the control system, the command must be inspected in the application layer to ensure the security. In this research, the firewall for the control systems with capabilities of operation privilege management is considered, and the Secure Tele-operation Protocol (STP) is designed to communicate with the firewall, which behaves as the STP server. The agents inside the firewall manage the operator authentication, access control, and operation privileges. The proposed protocol realizes the exclusive operation with operation privilege management, even though the privileges can be transferred to another operator after negotiation. Experimental results show the feasibility of the proposed protocol. Additionally, the vulnerability analysis shows the practical security against the supposed threats for STP.

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