Secure and efficient mobile agent application development using patterns (Japanese)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  44 ,  6  ;  1483-1497  ;  2003
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As wide-area open networks like the Internet and intranet grow larger, mobile agent technology is attracting more attention. Mobile agents are units of software that can deal with environmental changes and the various requirements of open networks through features such as autonomy, mobility, intelligence, cooperation, and reactivity. However, since the usual development methods of secure and efficient distributed applications considering mobile agents are not sufficiently investigated, the technology is not yet widespread. In this paper, we propose a formal framework that supports distributed application development considering mobile agents and resolving the trade-offs between the security issues and the performance issues. In our framework, we design the behavior of mobile agents by building models including the computational costs and the security policies, and combining patterns so that the combination satisfies the models. Therefore, we can develop the application resolving the security and the performance trade-offs. Since the models and the patterns are presented according to a formal framework, we can make sure that the pattern combination satisfies the models rigorously. In addition, if the security policy changes, we can easily modify the behavior because the pattern combination can be figured out automatically by an algorithm.

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