File management using virtual directory architecture for central managed P2P information sharing system (NRBS) (Japanese)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  46 ,  1  ;  60-69  ;  2005
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We propose a P2P file sharing system that enables flexible and intuitive information sharing and management among large group of users. The proposed system (NRBS: network resource browsing system) supports a virtual directory that allows users to organize and manage distributed files based on simple and intuitive user interface. The system has a central management server that controls each user client in the system, which allows centralized security management and strict content control. In this paper, we compare conventional approach for managing P2P file sharing, and then propose a system based on virtual directory. We explain the mechanism for associating links on the virtual directory to actual file data stored in user clients' terminals. We evaluate the system based on usability, manageability, and security. The result shows that using virtual directory improves the usability and manageability while providing strict file security.

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