A virtual machine solution for large scale educational computer systems (Japanese)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  46 ,  4  ;  949-964  ;  2005
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This paper discusses a new method to construct educational computer systems with virtual machine technology, which serve two operating systems, i.e., Windows and UNIX on each terminal simultaneously. First, we propose a construction technique of the home directory, which can be simultaneously accessed from the both OSs in large-scale systems which consist of more than 1,000 terminals. In the proposed technique, SMB protocol needed for Windows is handled not by a single server but by each user terminal separately. We also propose a technique of performing application of security fixes and making a change of a system setup on that spot while we use hibernation in order to shorten the starting time of UNIX working on a virtual machine. A large-scale educational computer system based on these proposals was built, and its performance was evaluated. Consequently, we have confirmed that, (1) The home directory is offered with its performance satisfactory speed and stability in practical educational usage. (2) By choosing the technique of changing files of UNIX considering the quantity and urgency of update, the proposed technique can be used also by the large-scale system, and the starting time of UNIX including updating work is also within the range of practical usage.

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A virtual machine solution for large scale educational computer systems
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