A secure and portable design of a dynamic compiler for Java (Japanese)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  46 ,  12  ;  3138-3152  ;  2005
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This paper shows a portable secure design of a dynamic compiler for Java with following 4 features. (1) To protect method dispatch tables, tables for exception handling and dynamically generated codes, they are placed in read-only pages. (2) To protect codes being generated by the dynamic compiler from overwriting, the dynamic compiler works in its own process. (3) To prevent hijacking in method invocations by indirect call, test code to verify the target address is inserted before indirect call. (4) To prevent hijacking on return, a table that contains valid return address for each method is created and placed in read-only pages. The return code retrieve the table on return, and the index to retrieve the table is given by the caller. Preliminary evaluation using SPECjvm98 and SPECjbb2000 showed overhead by the proposed method is 1.59%.

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